RE4 Remake Ashley Walkthrough

In Chapter 9, Leon and Ashley make their way further into the Castle and manage to find all the missing pieces of a statue to unlock a door.

Just as they are about to continue, Leon is captured and starts getting attacked by enemies while Ashley is left to run and hide elsewhere.

Ashley knew at that point that Leon would not be able to get out of there so she decided that instead of running and hiding, it would be time to do her part.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ashley

Ashley WalkthroughAshley grabs the lantern nearby

The first thing you will need to do is grab the lantern nearby, which will cause a hidden passage next to it to open up, allowing Ashely to get to the next area.

You will need to continue making your way until you reach a Grandfather Clock, which can be interacted with but you need to solve a puzzle.

This can be done by heading into the next room and finding the keys that let you use the elevator to go upstairs, where you will find a note.

If you want to skip ahead this part, the puzzle can be solved by setting the time to 11:04 (7:00 on professional mode) and a hidden passage will open up.

Ashley places the lantern on a pedestal similar to the one found

If you decide to continue and go through to the next room, you will have to place the lantern on a pedestal similar to the one you found it on.

After placing the lantern, one of the bookshelves will move and you can open up a passage that leads to the keys and a Square Lock Box that Leon can later open to get the CQBR Assault Rifle.

Once you have the keys, you will need to rush to the elevator as there will be knights following you that will kill you with one hit and take it to get upstairs.

You will later find a note revealing the time that needs to be put on the Grandfather Clock, which you will do for another upstairs one, which lets you go back to the other one.

After you have passed by the Grandfather Clock on the first floor, you can now continue making your way to the Mausoleum but you will have to run as knights will be chasing you.

Ashley is inside a room that has a locked gate

Before reaching the Mausoleum, you will be in a room that has a locked gate at the end with animal symbols on it and knights in the room.

There are 4 bells nearby that each have an animal symbol on them, which means you need to ring each of them to open the gate.

As you ring the bells though, the knights will awaken and try to attack you, which makes it important that you avoid getting hit as this instantly kills you.

Ashley us hurrying on to the Mausoleum

Hurry on to the Mausoleum and the knights will be stopped in their place, allowing you to safely solve the Mausoleum Puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, each of the lamps (including the one you are holding) will need to be placed on the right pedestal and you can see where each one goes as they all have a symbol.

This will allow you to gain the Salazar Family Insignia, which will allow you to unlock the door that leads to Leon.

Ashley grabs Salazar Family Insignia

After the gate is opened and you grab the Salazar Family Insignia, you will need to make a run for it as one of the knights awakens and will chase after you.

Avoid all the knights on your way back and head for the door where you first saw the emblem slot, which is where you also got the hint about the clock time.

Once you get there, interact with it to use the emblem and a cutscene starts where Ashley can give Leon a key but is later captured, ending the chapter.

VerdictAshley is captured by Verdugo

Ashley was finally able to overcome her fears and was able to help Leon out but just as she saved him, it looks like Verdugo captured her.

Now that Ashley has set Leon free, he will now need to track her down and rescue her again before anything else happens.

While this has been more running and less fighting, Ashley was able to do something no one expected her to do, which is to save Leon.

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