Dead Island 2 Characters (Skills & Abilities)

Dead Island 2 will be taking place in a whole new environment, and we will be seeing a lot of new things, which includes characters.

The characters, who are also known as slayers will be available for choosing once you start the game and each has their special traits.

Depending on how you tend to play the game, there is a slayer that will be able to best suit you whether it’s fighting enemies up close or taking them out strategically.

Dead Island 2 Playable Characters (Slayers) List

1) Bruno (The Hermit)

Bruno (The Hermit) is a hustler

Bruno, also known as The Hermit is a hustler who used to pull off heists on scammers before jumping into the zombie apocalypse and seems to have the traits of a thief in RPG games.

He excels at being mobile and does a great deal of damage with knives, but this doesn’t limit him to using only those as his weapons.

He can boost his Agility and Heavy Attack charges by being evasive and by blocking enemy attacks as a way of defending and preparing to counterattack.

His innate skills are the following:

  • Backstab – Moderate damage boost when attacking enemies from behind.
  • Rapid Reprisal – Agility and Heavy Attack Charges are boosted when Bruno blocks or dodges enemy attacks.

2) Dani (Wheel of Fortune)

Dani (Wheel of Fortune) is a hardcore brawler

Dani is a hardcore brawler who thrives in killing multiple zombies up close and is pretty good at what she does judging from her history of being a headstrong fighter.

She seems to enjoy killing zombies, which is shown by her twisted sense of humor with the addition of her being a foul mouth.

Players who tend to be on the frontlines will get used to playing as Dani as she can sustain herself in a fight regardless of what weapon she is using.

Her innate skills are the following:

  • Bloodlust – Allows you to regain health when slaying multiple zombies in quick succession.
  • Thunderstruck – Her heavy attacks trigger a forceful explosion when they hit.

3) Amy (Strength)

Amy (Strength) is a fast fighter

Amy is a fast fighter who seems to run on adrenaline and is always up for a fight when going about the zombie apocalypse.

She can quickly take out enemies who are not crowded together and benefits from being accurate with her thrown weapons.

Players who seek to take the enemies they encounter out by pinching them off one by one will excel when using Amy.

Her innate skills are the following:

  • Relief Pitcher – This character regains stamina when she hits a zombie with a thrown weapon.
  • Divide & Conquer – She gains a minor damage boost when attacking isolated enemies.

4) Jacob (The Emperor)

Jacob (The Emperor) is more of an antihero

Jacob is more of an antihero in Dead Island 2 but his recklessness and desire for self-preservation make him a vital asset when it comes to surviving as a team.

This slayer is adept at overpowering his enemies, capable of attacking them blow after blow while dealing more damage with every hit.

Even when Jacob seems to be out of breath, he can still muster enough strength to continuously deal with powerful attacks.

His innate skills are the following:

  • Feral – When attacking in quick succession, Jacob gains minor damage that continuously stacks.
  • Critical Gains – As Jacob’s stamina becomes drained, his critical damage will be boosted, and those critical hits will allow him to regain stamina.

5) Ryan (The Tower)

Ryan (The Tower) is an exotic dancer

Ryan is an exotic dancer but don’t let this fool you because is one tough badass who enjoys knocking over the undead.

He can knock enemies with ease and is a great frontline when it comes to charging into battle against zombies.

His nickname alone suggests he is one of the more tanky characters, who is capable of also regenerating his health when getting up close to his enemies.

His innate skills are the following:

  • Retaliation – Ryan gains a moderate force boost when he blocks or dodges attacks.
  • Seesaw – Each time Ryan knocks down a zombie, he will be able to regain his health.

6) Carla (The Lovers)

Carla (The Lovers) is a motorcycle stunt rider

Being a motorcycle stunt rider has made Carla ready for almost anything and can go about the zombie apocalypse without breaking a sweat.

She is one tough brawler that can fight her way through countless zombies, and she most likely enjoys doing so as she can withstand hits even when she is weakened.

For those who love to use brute fighters and tend to charge into crowds of enemies, this character makes things easy in several situations.

Her innate skills are the following:

  • Dig Deep – This character gains a moderate toughness boost when her health is critical.
  • Mosh Pit – Whenever Carla is close to multiple zombies, she gains a minor damage boost.


Every character has unique abilities, but they are all capable of holding their own when it comes to fighting the flesh-eating zombies.

While each character may have their innate abilities, players will be able to take advantage of this to best suit their playstyle.

Regardless of who you choose to play as it is certain that you will enjoy a gore-filled session of zombie-slaying mayhem.

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