Dead Island 2 Resurrect The Rex Quest Walkthrough

Rikky needs a favor from you and this is not about killing zombies (mostly) but instead, it is about his earlier hobby which was music.

He needs your help obtaining the Gods and Whisky master tapes that are in his producer’s home but everyone knows he is in no condition to do this.

You volunteer to do it instead and will have to head over to where the master tapes are located and take them, one way or another.

Resurrect The Rex Side Quest Dead Island 2

How To Get Resurrect The Rex Side Quest?

Resurrect The Rex side quest becomes available once you have completed the Kwon with the Wind story quest, where you previously saved Jessie while searching for Michael.

Resurrect The Rex ObjectivesLooking for the master tapes in Farouk

1) Look for the master tapes in Farouk the music producer’s house, downhill

You will need to head over to Farouk’s which is not too far away and will need to find a way into his home, which is easily done by climbing up a van and jumping over the wall.

Farouk’s place will be marked by a waypoint, so you should be able to easily find it once the side quest begins.

There may be a couple of zombies in the way getting over the wall as well as when you drop down, so be ready for a fight.

2) Find a way inside Farouk’s (if you see Dave, tell him Rikky sent you)

Once you jump over the wall, the entrance will be to your left but if you continue to the right, you will find Dave, who is of course a zombie already.

Dave has turned into a Shocking Walker and it’s best to attack him and knock him back to avoid getting shocked as it seems he discharges more often.

Go ahead and deal with Dave to get Farouk’s House key so that you can get inside so can start searching the house.

Searching Farouk the producer's house for Gods

3) Search Farouk the producer’s house for Gods and Whisky master tapes

Before starting, Amanda wants you to play music to lure zombies for you to kill, which you can do by heading towards the sound system and interacting with it.

Farouk will be inside and will have already turned into a zombie as well as all the other people who are in the area so it is pretty much a bloodbath once you get inside.

You will need to find all 3 Gods and Whisky master tapes and they are located in the following areas:

  • Master Tape 1 – Axe Me Nicely: The Album (Next to Farouk)
  • Master Tape 2 – Puking Excellence: The Tour (Next to the staircase on the second floor)
  • Master Tape 3 – Hair On A G-String: B-Sides (In the corner of the balcony on the third floor)

4) Return the original Gods and Whiskey master tapes to Rikky

Now that you have obtained the master tapes, head back to Rikky’s place so you speak with him to return the tapes.

Once you talk to Rikky, a cutscene will begin where you explain what happened to Rikky and he will thank you, which later ends the side quest.

Resurrect The Rex Side RewardsResurrect The Rex Rewards for completing the side quest

Completing the Resurrect the Rex side quest will reward you with 2,000 XP and a Rare Electrocutor Pole Saw, which will go straight into your inventory or will be dropped if you are full.

The Electrocutor Pole Saw is a spear-like weapon that is great for damaging enemies from afar and it comes with an innate Uncommon Melee Electrocutor Mod.


While music may not seem like something so big to most people, for those who put the effort in making it, this is their entire life and Rikky feels this.

Although he was willing to go and get the tapes himself, everyone knows that he might just end up as zombie food, which is a good thing you went instead.

Now Rikky has something to set his mind to and may start going down a better path instead of sleeping it off with the help of booze and you get a new weapon to poke enemies with.

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