Dead Island 2 Kwon With The Wind Quest Walkthrough

You previously met Rikki and Roxanne and the two of them have no idea where their daughter went but you need to find out since that’s your only connection to Michael.

In your search for Michael, it looks like you will first need to find and possibly save a girl named Jessie, whose whereabouts should be on a note lying on the floor.

Michael is still out there and you need to catch up with him before something bad happens, or else Emma could be left devastated.

Kwon With The Wind quest in Dead Island 2

How To Get Kwon With The Wind Quest?

Kwon With The Wind is a quest that begins once you have completed the O Michael, Where Art Thou? quest, where you previously searched for him in Beverly Hills.

Kwon With The Wind ObjectivesGoing to the construction site following the waypoint to find Jessie

1) Read Jessie’s Note

Jessie has left a note on the refrigerator but that’s on the ground now because of her irresponsible and possibly drunk parents focused on pizza.

2) Look for Jessie Uphill at the Construction Site

The note indicates that she went to the construction site and this is where you will need to go first to look for her by following the waypoint.

3) What’s All the Noise?

Upon arriving it looks like some zombies have been attracted to a speaker, meaning that Jessie must be inside and you will need to fight through them to get to her.

4) Look for Jessie Inside

There have been traps set up and you will need to get past them while making your way to the second floor in an attempt to find Jessie.

Go through the rooms until you reach the stairs and continue going through the next room and you will hear Jessie screaming for help.

The commotion will be going on through the first door to your left and before you can help Jessie out, you should get rid of the noise.

Destroying the speaker in the construction site which is attracting the zombies

5) Kill the Noise

Head out to the balcony and you will find the speaker that is attracting zombies and you will be able to destroy it by attacking or even kicking it.

6) Rescue Jessie

Once you have destroyed the speaker, head over to the door that zombies are trying to get into and clear them out.

After clearing out the zombies, open the door and Jessie will be alive and safe inside, who you will then need to talk to.

This begins a cutscene where Jessie tells you where Michael has gone and afterward, she tells you to go on ahead as she can make it out alone.

7) Follow Michael to Monarch Studios

Michael has gone to Monarch Studios and you will need to head over there but before doing that, don’t forget to grab the Uncommon Mutilator Mod in the room.

Follow the waypoint that will lead you out of the construction site and this will bring you to a checkpoint where zombies are feasting.

Clearing the path to Monarch Studios at the checkpoint where zombies are dressed up in Military uniforms

8) Clear the Path to Monarch Studios

As you arrive at the checkpoint, there will be zombies in military uniforms that you will need to clear out, mainly one specific zombie named Col. Evans.

To get through the checkpoint, you will need the Dead Zone Keycard, which Col. Evans will drop when he is killed.

9) Open the Security Gate

With the Dead Zone Keycard in hand, head over to the Security Gate and open it up by swiping the keycard, which will allow you to go through the Dead Zone.

Before heading into Monarch Studios, don’t forget to grab the Pipe Bomb (Curveball) to your left as it may come in handy.

10) Fight Through the Dead Zone to Monarch Studios

You will need to fight your way through the Dead Zone, which is a long path before you reach the way to Monarch Studios.

Once you reach the end, clear out the zombies and use the keycard to open up the gates, where there will be a few more zombies to kill.

After clearing up the zombies, interact with the gate to head to Monarch Studios, which is where you will be searching for Michael next.

11) Follow Michael to Monarch Studios

Continue along the path and follow the waypoint and eventually, the quest will end, which immediately starts the Michael Anders and the Holy Grail story quest.

Kwon With The Wind Rewards

Completing, Kwon with The Wind story quest will reward you with 2,000 XP and by this time you may have already reached level 10, unlocking a new skill card for your Slayer.


It looks like Michael had a plan after all but you can be too certain if he can handle things alone as he is not much of a fighter based on what you have seen.

His friend Jessie turns out to have helped him sneak his way into Monarch Studios and luckily he didn’t have to fight through zombies like you did.

Now that you are in Monarch Studios, the search for Michael begins again, and this time you need to find him before it’s too late.

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