Dead Island 2 O Michael Where Art Thou Quest Walkthrough

After reaching Emma Jaunt following your trip to the Halperin Hotel, you have given her the news of Dr. Reed wanting to meet up with you.

To prepare her to convince Sam to go along with the plan, she wants to speak with Michael, who you will need to find.

Something is not right though as Michael seems to have disappeared and you may need to go track him down before something goes wrong.

O Michael, Where Art Thou? Quest in Dead Island 2

How To Get O Michael, Where Art Thou? Quest

O Michael, Where Art Thou? quest begins right after you get back to Emma Jaunt’s place to speak with her about leaving during The Chosen One quest.

O Michael, Where Art Thou? ObjectivesRonnie is telling to search for Michael in his room

1) Convince Michael to Help You

You will start by searching for Michael, who you need to talk to as Emma does not want to make any decisions without him.

If you start looking around and happen to pass by Ronnie, he will tell you to search for Michael in his room, which is past Ronnie and up the stairs to the right.

2) Follow Michael to Beverly Hills

As you enter Michael’s room, Andrea will be inside reading a letter and will get mad at you, blaming you for what is happening in the mansion.

She later softens up and reveals that Michael has gone to Beverly Hills to do an errand of his own as he believes it will help Emma, leaving you to follow in his tracks.

You will need to follow the waypoint, which leads you to the checkpoint that will give you access to the path to Beverly Hills.

Killing The Checkpoint Guard to take the Hills Checkpoint Pass

Once you reach the checkpoint, you won’t be able to leave until you get the Hills Checkpoint Pass, which is held by the Checkpoint Guard.

The Checkpoint Guard is a Crusher variant of a zombie and will need to be killed so that you can take the Hills Checkpoint Pass.

3) Follow Michael to Beverly Hills

Once you have killed the Checkpoint Guard and taken the pass, head over to the keycard reader and interact with it to open the path to Beverly Hills.

After opening the gate, you can now travel to Beverly Hills, where you can continue your search for Michael, wherever he may be.

4) Check if Michael is Home

You will need to head to Michael’s home, which is the first house you come across if you go straight after entering Beverly Hills.

You will see zombies outside trying to get in, which means there has been activity in the home and you will need to fight past the zombies to get inside.

5) Check Inside

Once you reach Michael’s home, jump through the window so you can start investigating the area for his whereabouts.

6) Investigate Michael’s House

There will be no sign of Michael in his house and you will need to interact with some of the objects to search for him and each item you check increases the progress.

To skip the whole ordeal of searching around the house, go to the door on your right with a blood stain near it and interact with it.

7) Look for Spare Keys

You will need to search for the keys to Michael’s room which will require you to look around the house but if you head to the kitchen you will find a letter that reveals where it is.

Grabbing Michael’s House Keys from the trash bin

If you head to the kitchen, there will be a note that says the keys were placed somewhere but all you need to do is look below and the keys will be in the trash bin.

8) What’s Behind the Locked Door?

Grab Michael’s House Keys and head back to the room to open the door and a walker will rush out and attack you.

9) Kill It!

Once the walker rushes out, you will need to kill it before you can start searching Michael’s room for clues to find out where he may have gone.

10) Figure Out Where Jessie Lives

Now that you are in Michael’s room, you suspect he may have gone to Jessie’s place but will now need to find clues about where that is.

Once again you will need to search the area but if you go straight to the Address Cards on the table next to the bed, this will reveal where she lives.

11) Pay Jesse Kwon a visit

Now that you know where Jesse lives, head over to her place, which will be marked by a waypoint that leads to one of the houses nearby.

12) Is Jesse Home?

You will need to climb over the gate and approach Jessie’s home and to your surprise, someone will be behind the door, who is not clear in their mind.

Interact with the door and a cutscene will begin where you meet a man named Rikky who asks you to do him a favor before letting you inside.

Closing the front gate of Jessie’s home by placing a Circuit Breaker into the Breaker Panel

13) Fix the Front Gate

The front gate will be open and this will allow zombies to get inside you will need to close it by placing a Circuit Breaker into the Breaker Panel.

Rikky will open up a nearby shed that will have zombies inside and you will need to fight through them to reach the Circuit Breaker.

Place the Circuit Breaker into the Breaker Panel next to the gate and kill any other zombies as you make your way to the back gate.

14) Shut the Back Gate

Now that the front gate is closed, you will need to repeat the same step with the back gate and this will also require you to place a Circuit Breaker into a Breaker Panel.

Once you reach the back gate, a Breaker Panel will be next to it and the Circuit Breaker will be to your right on top of a garbage bin next to the house.

Grab the Circuit Breaker and place it into the Breaker Panel to close the gate, leaving you and the remaining zombies to fight it out.

15) Mop Up the Riff Raff

Now that the gates have been closed, it’s time to clear out any other zombies and this will result in the area becoming a safe zone.

16) Go Back to Panties Man to Let You in

After clearing up the place, head back to the front door to go see Rikky, who you then need to talk to about where Jessie is.

The reason he is called panties man is because he is wearing Roxanne’s panties, which is hinted at when he walked away earlier in shiny purple underwear. (Roxanne mentioned they were missing)

Once you reach the door, interact with it and a cutscene will begin where you have a weird conversation with the two and it is revealed that Jessie left a note on the refrigerator. (Quest ends here)

O Michael, Where Art Thou? Rewards

Completing, O Michael, Where Art Thou? quest will reward you with 2,000 XP and this also gives you a safe zone to go to when you are in Beverly Hills.

Heading back to the shed where a workbench is will allow you to pick up the Uncommon Melee Punctuator Mod blueprint.


The search for Michael has now led to a search for Jessie as she may be the only one who knows where he may have gone.

You met Rikky and Roxanne, who seem to be Jessie’s parents and both of them look like they need time to become sober.

Now that you have figured out who you need to search for, it’s time to read the note that was left on the refrigerator to find out where Jessie may have fled off to.

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