Destiny 2 Retribution Quest Steps

Mara and The Crow have a plan to fight back against The Witness, who is overconfident in exploiting everyone’s weakness.

They have decided to start playing the offensive, which is what Amanda would have wanted since saving lives is not enough.

This time, you will need to lead the attack and push further to fight against The Witness and the Shadow Legion to deal a heavy blow.

Destiny 2 Retribution Seasonal Quest

How to Get the Retribution Quest?

The Retribution Quest was introduced in Week 8 of the Season of Defiance, which needs to be obtained by speaking with The Crow.

You will find The Crow in the H.E.L.M. and once you have spoken to him, you will have the option to accept the Retribution Quest.

Retribution Quest StepsDestiny 2 Retribution Quest Completion

Step 1: Destroy the Shadow Legion’s Prison Ship in Mission: Retribution

In an attempt to put an end to the Shadow Legion’s offensive on Earth, it is time that you lead a strike right at them.

This will require that you complete Mission: Retribution, which is available after this quest has been accepted from The Crow.

To find Mission: Retribution, you will need to head over to the EDZ in destinations and accept the mission from the menu.

  • Complete Mission: Retribution

Step 2: Visit The Holoprojector at The Farm For a Debriefing With Crow

After a successful attempt in destroying the Shadow Legion Prison Ship in Mission: Retribution, things have taken a turn.

Crow would like to congratulate you for being able to take down the Shadow Legion’s Prison Ship and has left a message for you at the Holoprojector at the Farm.

You will need to head to the Farm and interact with the Holoprojector to hear what he has to say and will later be able to complete the quest.

  • Hear Crow’s Debriefing

Retribution Rewards

Completing Mission: Retribution is required to progress with this quest and once you do, you will be able to obtain a piece of legendary gear.

Once this quest has been completed by hearing The Crow’s debriefing, you will be able to receive an Ascendant Shard.


The fight against the Shadow Legion has been a tough one and ever since they came out victorious back when you were in Neomuna, everyone was at the mercy of The Witness.

This small step, however, which was lighted by a spark that Amanda Holliday ignited, has created a beacon of hope for those who remain.

Now that it has been proven that you can fight back, more missions to rescue prisoners are underway and it looks like The Witness may have concerns after all.

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