Destiny 2 How to Get Ascendant Shards (2023)

Destiny 2 Ascendant Shards

Ascendant Shards are one of the more valued metals that can be obtained in Destiny 2 and are prized for their ability to unlock the capabilities of certain gear.

Using an Ascendant Shard to unlock the full potential of certain gear will turn it into Masterwork gear, unlocking bonus stats but these can also be used to purchase Exotic gear as well.

This material is not very easy to get through, as it is rare and mostly a reward for completing certain activities, which makes it important to be wise where they are used.

Where to Get Ascendant Shards?

Ascendant Shards can be obtained from NPCs and as rewards for doing certain activities, these mostly cannot be farmed like other materials and are instead earned.

There are several ways to get Ascendant Shards when you focus on activities or tasks which allow you to redeem them from NPCs at the Tower.

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How to Get Ascendant Shards?

The following are some of the best ways to get Ascendant Shards as they are easier to do than most methods.

Purchase from Banshee-44

Vanguard Rank Reset (Infamy Rank Reset)

  • Requires Infamy Rank 16 to be reset

Gambit Rank Reset (Infamy Rank Reset)

  • Requires Infamy Rank 16 to be reset

Valor Rank reset (Valor Rank Reset)

  • Requires Valor Rank 16 to be reset

Trials of Osiris Rank reset (Trials Rank Reset)

  • Requires Trials Rank 16 to be reset

Other ways to obtain Ascendant Shards include participating or completing the following activities or tasks:

Trials of Osiris


  • Participating in Nightfall (Master and Grand Master)

Season Pass

  • Available after achieving a certain amount of levels

Ascendant Shards Use

As mentioned earlier, Ascendant Shards are needed to unlock the full potential of a piece of gear, which improves its stats even further and adds a golden frame to it.

Aside from looking nice, Masterwork gear performs better than the lesser original gear, and to top it off, when you have a Legendary Masterwork piece of gear, it can be used with Exotics.

Another use for the Ascendant Shard is purchasing Exotic weapons from the Monument to Lost Light (Located at the Tower next to Vaults) which provides you with a lot of choices.

One more use for Ascendant Shards is changing the Subclass of certain gear, allowing you to change one element into another.

Ascendant Shard Carry Limit

Hoarding tons of Ascendant Shards is not possible as it has a maximum limit of 10 which means you will need to use them before collecting others.

As rare as this resource is, you will need to use them before getting more, which makes it vital to do the necessary activities and farming when you aim to use them.

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