Destiny 2 How to Get Concentrated Mattergem

Destiny 2 Concentrated Mattergem

Concentrated Mattergem is a Legendary Consumable which is used to provide you with a chance to obtain an Upgrade Module.

These items are not farmable but instead purchased before they can be used, giving players a better chance to obtain Upgrade Modules.

If you are planning to farm Upgrade Modules, one of the best ways to do this would be to use a few Concentrated Mattergems.

Where to Get Concentrated Mattergem?

Concentrated Mattergems are not obtained by being picked up or as enemy drops and are instead purchased from the Eververse.

The Eververse can be accessed in the Store Tab and you will see the Concentrated Mattergem among the items.

How to Get Concentrated Mattergem?

Concentrated Mattergem can be purchased from the Eververse for 200 Bright Dust, which you may have a lot of if you have a Season Pass.

IF you have been saving Bright Dust that you have earned throughout your play of Destiny 2, you should have enough to buy as many Concentrated Mattergem that you need.

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Concentrated Mattergem Use

You may use Concentrated Mattergems from your inventory, which will consume the item and provide you with a buff.

The Concentrated Mattergem buff allows you to obtain an Upgrade Module when you defeat powerful enemies anywhere.

This buff may not be used more than once after activating the first buff, it must be used up first before you can activate it once more.

The Concentrated Mattergem buff will last until you have obtained an Upgrade Module from defeating a powerful enemy.

Using Concentrated Mattergems is one of the best ways to farm Upgrade Modules, but these are not the only way and Bright Dust will be needed for many of them.

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