Destiny 2 How to Get Microphasic Datalattice (2024)

Destiny 2 Microphasic Datalattice

Microphasic Datalattice is a Planetary Resource, mainly found on Nessus, which is usually used as a redeemable as well as a currency.

This resource is not too hard to obtain and can usually be found in most places on Nessus, especially if you remember where they spawn.

Eventually, as you play through Nessus and do activities, you will be able to stock up on this resource without noticing it.

Where to Get Microphasic Datalattice?

Microphasic Datalaticce is the Planetary Resource on Nessus and can be found in several locations, visibly shown as a bright set of lines with cubes, representing data-like objects.

It is also possible to obtain Microphasic Datalattice on the Tangled Shore but this is more of buying it rather than a method of farming it.

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How to  Get Microphasic Datalattice?

  • Being a Planetary Resource, Microphasic Datalattice can be obtained out in the open when you venture around Nessus.
  • Not only can Microphasic Datalattice be found out in the open in Nessus, but it can also be found in some of the caves and Lost Sectors.
  • You may also receive Microphasic Datalattice as a reward for doing bounties, which you can obtain from Failsafe at the Exodus Black.
  • Doing activities such as public events or completing Lost Sectors can also be a good way of obtaining Microphasic Datalattice.
  • You may also purchase Microphasic Datalattice along with other items from Spider, which can be found on the Tangled Shore in his hideout.

Microphasic Datalattices Use

Microphasic Datallatice can be used to increase your Reputation Rank with Failsafe on Nessus, allowing you to redeem Nessus Engrams as rewards every time your rank increases.

Failsafe has a Set of Exodus Down gear along with the Out Of Options Legendary Submachine Gun which all cost 10 Microphasic Datalattice per piece.

There are certain activities known as Nessus Challenges, one of these requires that you obtain 10 Datalattice as an objective.

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