Destiny 2 Mission Retribution Walkthrough

  • Mission Type: Season of Defiance
  • Mission Location: The Farm, European Dead Zone

The time has come to fight back and the target right now is the Shadow Legion Prison Ship near the Farm, which you will attack.

With the help of Queen Mara’s power, you will be able to traverse the Ascendant Plane and breach the Shadow Legion’s flagship.

During the assault, you will be backed up by Mithrax, Devrim, and The Crow as you press the assault against the Shadow Legion.

D2 Mission: Retribution

How To Get Mission Retribution?

Mission Retribution was introduced in Week 8 of Season of Defiance and becomes available after you have accepted the Retribution Quest from The Crow.

The Retribution Quest can be accepted once you head to The Crow in the H.E.L.M. and speak with him, allowing you to obtain it.

Mission: Retribution ObjectivesSpeaking with Mara at the Farm

1) Approach Mara

Once the mission begins, you will be at the Farm and will need to head over to Mara who will have a few words for you before preparing a portal.

2) Traverse the Ascendant Plane

After Mara has spoken to you, a portal will appear next to her and you will need to interact with it to activate it.

You will need to enter the portal once it is activated and this will bring you aboard the Shadow Legion’s flagship.

3) Clear the Shadow Legion

Head towards the waypoint, which requires you to make your way through the vents by destroying them and you will come across the Shadow Legion in a Hangar.

Shooting the Pyramid Beacons those are smaller in the Shadow Legion’s flagship

4) Destroy the Pyramid Beacons

There will be Pyramid Beacons nearby and you will have to destroy them by shooting all of the smaller beacons and igniting a balefire where they once were.

You will need to do this in 3 spots while also fighting against the Shadow Legion forces that continuously spawn into the area.

5) Locate the Engine Room

After the beacons have been destroyed, you will need to follow the waypoint that leads you to the Engine Room.

6) Receive Her Favor

The Engine Room will be blocked off by a large gate but Mara conjures her favor nearby and you will need to approach it to obtain the Favor of Destruction buff.

7) Destroy the Door

After being empowered with the Favor of Destruction buff, you will be able to damage the large gate and may destroy it to proceed.

Destroy 4 cooling fans in the flagship of the Shadow Legion's

8) Destroy the Cooling Fans

After breaching the gate, head into the Engine Room and the place will be swarming with enemies but you need to fight past them instead of trying to clear them out.

There will be 4 Cooling Fans in the area and each of these needs to be destroyed before you can progress into the next area.

To destroy the Cooling Fans, you will first need to destroy the nearby marked targets that protect them before you can deal damage to them.

To destroy the targets and the Cooling Fans, you need to get the Favor of Destruction buff, which can be done by heading to any of the locations where Mara’s Favor is present.

9) Eliminate the Engineers

With the Cooling Fans destroyed, your next task will be to eliminate the Shadow Legion Engineers, which will be marked by waypoints.

Eliminate the Shadow Legion Engineers in the Flagship

10) Destroy the Engine

The Shadow Legion Ship’s engine will be vulnerable and you will need to destroy the components (marked by a waypoint) covering it.

Each component destroyed will increase this objective’s completion by a certain percentage and upon reaching 100% the objective is done.

Keep in mind that to destroy the components, you will need to once again obtain the Favor of Destruction buff.

11) Escape the Shadow Legion Flagship

With the Shadow Legion Flagship on fire and about to go down, Mara will open up a portal that will allow you to make it back to the Farm.

Enter the portal to traverse through the Ascendant Plane and you will be at the farm, staring at what remains of the ship.

There will be a bit of dialogue between Mara, Devrim Kay, Mitrhax, and The Crow before the mission comes to an end.

Mission Retribution Rewards

Completing Mission Retribution will reward you with a piece of legendary gear and you will also be able to proceed to the second Quest Step in the Retribution Quest.

Additionally, you will also have unlocked the Rend From the Sky Triumph after completing Mission Retribution.

SummaryD2 Mission: Retribution completed

You were able to make a heavy blow by successfully taking down the Shadow Legion Flagship but Mara reminds you that there are more battles to come.

The team celebrates for a quick moment for a well-earned victory but the battle is not over as there are more Shadow Legion out there.

This blow to the Shadow Legion was a good way to honor Amanda Holliday and has now proven that the Queensguard is capable of fighting back.

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