RE4 Remake Exclusive Upgrades List

If you have played the original Resident Evil 4, you might be aware of the Exclusive Upgrades that are available once you progress in the game.

Exclusive Upgrades are used to unlock a weapon’s full potential by altering one of its weapon stats to make it more efficient.

Each of the weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake has its exclusive upgrades, which can later be purchased when it is fully upgraded.

RE4 Remake Exclusive Upgrades

Weapon Stats

All the weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake have their stats and these determine the damage, ammo capacity, fire rate, and more that they have.

These can be upgraded later by the Tune Up option with the Merchant, which costs Pesetas depending on the weapon.

Weapons can have their stats upgraded to level 5 and once all stats have been upgraded, the Exclusive Upgrade becomes available.

How To Get Exclusive Upgrades?

Exclusive Upgrades can be purchased from the Merchant, but this will cost a large amount of Pesetas or an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket.

In a single playthrough, you will usually have access to two Exclusive Upgrade Tickets, which can be purchased from the Merchant.

These will require Spinels but if you opt for purchasing more tickets through the DLC options that Resident Evil 4 Remake has, you can get a lot more.

If you do not have any Exclusive Tickets Available, you can resort to using Pesetas to pay for the Exclusive Upgrade.

List of Exclusive Upgrades

Below is a list of all the Exclusive Upgrades that can be purchased for each weapon as well as the effect that it has.


Exclusive Upgrade Effect


SG-09 R

5x Critical Rate80K
PunisherPenetrate 5 Targets



1.5x Power100K
Blacktail1.5x Power



2x Ammo Capacity70K
W-8702x Power


Riot Gun

1.5x Power80K
Striker2x Ammo Capacity


SR M1903

2x Power100K
Stingray 2x Rate of Fire


CQBR Assault Rifle

1.5x Power100K
TMP1.5x Power



Penetrate 5 Targets80K
Chicago SweeperUnlimited Ammo


Broken Butterfly

1.5x Power100K
Killer 75x Critical Rate



Unlimited Ammo10K
Combat Knife1.5x Attack Speed


Fighting Knife

2x Power80K
Primal KnifeInfinite Durability


Bolt Thrower

2x Ammo Capacity60K


While all weapons have their ups and downs, being able to fully upgrade them will allow you to use them more effectively.

Increasing the weapon’s damage will make it easier to take out enemies with lesser shots fired, which conserves ammo, and the additional stats make each weapon more effective.

Since you are limited to two Exclusive Upgrade Tickets per game, this makes it necessary to save up on a lot of Pesetas to fully upgrade all your weapons.

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