Dead Island 2 Trophy List (Achievements)

Dead Island 2 is coming out soon and what better way to get a peek into it than revealing the trophies that players can get while enjoying the game?

These trophies serve as achievements that players can get in the game, which will prove how much progress you are making and add more accomplishment to the game.

While these are not necessary to complete all in one go, players who love to gain 100% completion of a game can check these out to see what they should be ready to do.

Dead Island 2

Types of Trophies

There are 46 trophies in total and these are different types, which are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies.

The higher the tier of the trophy, the harder it is to complete, while the lower the tier, the easier it is to do this, which may happen without you even noticing it.

All of these trophies can be done in any order and can eventually be done regularly as you play through the game.

How To Unlock Trophies in Dead Island 2?

A trophy can be unlocked once its condition has been met and this usually happens while you progress through the game.

Sometimes, more effort may be needed to accomplish the conditions for one of the trophies, so it’s best to check ahead of time so you don’t miss out.

Once you have met the conditions required for a trophy, it will be completed, and you can view it later on from your trophies list.

List of All Dead Island 2 Achievements (Trophies)

Who Do You Voodoo? –Obtained by collecting all Dead Island 2 Trophies

Welcome To Hell-A -You can get this by surviving a plane crash, getting bitten, and creating your first Zombie-free zone.

Hotel California -This is obtained by fighting your way through the Halperin Hotel to make contact with the authorities.

Personal Assistant Personally Assisted -Obtained by tracking down Michael and rescuing him from the Terror at Monarch Studios.

Git Gutte! -Teaming up with Sam B and getting your hands on some firepower will earn you this trophy.

Friend Like These –A person later declares themselves to be a mysterious benefactor who you will need to encounter to obtain this trophy.

Dr. Reed, I Presume? You can get this by surviving the perils of Venice Beach and meeting Dr. Reed at the Serling Hotel.

But Doctor, I Am Butcho –Obtained by slaying a killer clown and getting your blood sample back to Dr. Reed.

Can’t Handle the Truth -Once you figure out the truth about what you are, understanding the dark secrets about you will unlock this trophy.

Like Riding a Bike –Obtained by finding Patton and convincing him to fly you out of Hell-A.

A Patton Emerges -Obtained by surviving the Metro System to get to Hollywood Boulevard.

Make it So – Help Sarah and Sebastian by lighting a beacon as a symbol of hope.

Our True Nature – Obtained by giving up your chance to become human again.

Gore Horse – An artist is working on their greatest work of art, which is of course grisly but to get this trophy you need to help them.

Go, Bobcats! – Obtained by reuniting all the VCLA Bobcats.

Internet Famous – Once you have completed all of Amanda’s Clickbait quests, you will earn this trophy.

Making Your Mark – This can be earned by completing 10 non-story quests.

Rising Star – Similar to Making Your Mark, this requires you complete 20 non-story quests.

LA Influential – For this trophy, you will need to finish 40 non-story quests.

Ooh, Shiny! – Obtaining your first Legendary Weapon will reward you with this trophy.

Zombologist – Unlocking every zombie type that is in the Zompedia will earn you this trophy.

On Safari – Obtained by completing the first tier of every Zombie Challenge.

Variety is the Spice of Death – Completing the first tier of every Weapon Challenge unlocks this trophy.

Zombicidal Maniac – Earn this trophy by completing the first tier of every Combat Challenge.

Survival Skills – Completing the first tier of every Survivor Challenge will earn you this trophy.

Smorgasbord – You can unlock this trophy once you have completed the first tier of every Exploration Challenge.

Sharpest Tool in the Box – Earned by completing 5 Lost & Found Weapon quests.

Sole Survivor – This can be obtained after you complete 9 Lost & Found Missing Person quests.

Jumbo Keyring – Unlocking 10 Lockboxes will earn you this trophy.

Bookworm – After collecting 50 Journals, you will unlock this trophy.

Stacking the Deck – Obtained by collecting a total of 30 Skill Cards.

Humanity Distilled – Equipping a Numen Skill Card unlocks this trophy.

Max Headroom – Reaching level 30 earns this trophy.

Down with the Sickness – Obtained after you have reached the highest tier of Autophage infection by equipping Autophage Skills.

Anger Management – This can be unlocked by slaying a total of 50 Zombies with Fury Attacks.

This is My Weapon – Obtained by fully upgrading a Superior weapon and customizing it with mods or perks in every slot.

Not Even My Final Form – Killing a Mutator before it transforms will unlock this trophy.

Hazardous Materials – Earned by slaying 100 Zombies using Caustic, Fire, or Shock damage.

Break a Leg – Maiming 100 limbs will unlock this trophy.

Slayer Squad – Obtained by completing any 5 quests when playing in co-op.

I Am the Resurrection – This can be obtained by reviving other players 5 times.

Coup de Grâce – Earned by killing 25 zombies using finishing moves.

Perks of the Job – Obtained once you have completed 5 Blueprint Challenges.

Donk! – Hit a zombie 35 or more meters away by throwing a melee weapon to unlock this trophy.

Apex Predator – Obtained by knocking down 10 Apex Variants.

I Got a Zombie Army and You Can’t Harm Me – Obtained by performing 25 perfect defense moves.


While all of these may seem like a little too much, they can be completed as you play the game and most of them will be finished by then.

Some of the other challenges will require you to go a little out of your way, but there are a lot of benefits in finding some of the other lore and items in the game.

Trophies can later be seen and are a good way to show what you have done in the game, pretty good for bragging rights.

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