Is Dead Island 2 Multiplayer?

Dead Island 2 is coming to us soon and many players are wondering how the game will be with multiplayer co-op options.

This is something that will allow you to play with your friends as you travel around Hell-A and survive the zombie onslaught that is present.

Some are wondering if you can play Dead Island 2 solo or if you have to join up with other players but this will mostly be solved if AI controls the empty slots.

Dead Island 2 Multiplayer

How Will Co-Op Work?

The game promises players a cinematic Co-Op adventure, which will most likely mean that whatever characters you choose will have some story together when they join up.

It appears that you won’t have to go solo even if you are playing the game on your own and what we can expect is that other characters will be controlled by AI unless someone joins you.

This will allow you to have help when you play the game and when they mention a cinematic co-op adventure, we can expect a deeper story to unfold.

Dead Island 2 Multiplayer

It has already been revealed that there are 6 characters and it looks like in Co-Op, you will be able to choose your character to play through the game.

Since we are told there will be a cinematic story, the developers have probably prepared dialogue and actions between most of the characters in the game.

It is still unsure how the Co-Op mode will play out but what we are certain of is that you will have a blast cutting your way through countless zombies.

Will Dead Island 2 Be Online?

Once purchased, you will have the option to play alone or with some friends and we are hoping that there are multiple ways to go about this.

Most likely, the gameplay for Dead Island 2 will be based on an internet connection but if the developers are generous enough to provide a LAN Co-Op experience, it would be good for some players.

Since most gamers nowadays have fast and stable internet connections, this won’t be much of a problem, seeing that everyone should have their copy of the game.


Some of you might be thinking this will be another Left 4 Dead remake in a way but knowing the developers and the previous games, it will be different.

The previous games alone had a lot of cinematic moments in the game and with the addition of this in co-op, players can experience the thrills together.

Once Dead Island 2 has been released, players will be able to join up in either the story or in completing certain quests and who knows? There might even be additional game modes to enjoy.

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