Dead Island 2 Fusebox Locations

There is a lot of loot for you to get your hands on in Dead Island 2 and some of these come from locked rooms that require a Fuse to open.

Obtaining Fuses is easy, and you can check your map to see if there is a Fusebox in the area for when you want to unlock it later when you get one.

 You can get your hands on some pretty good loot by opening Fusebox rooms and the items within scale with your level to make things even better.

Dead Island 2 Fuse (Inventory)

How To Get Fuses?

Fuses can only be purchased from traders, and you will usually only be able to buy 2 or more at a time but these will restock when you return to them later.

Each trader can sell you 2 Fuses and there will be enough for every Fusebox that you encounter as you explore Hell-A.

A single Fuse will cost $1,500, which is cheap and easy to buy since you can have a lot of loot that you pick up as you go through the game.

How To Use Fuses?Using Fuse to interact with Fusebox

To use a Fuse, you will first need to head to find a Fusebox and there are tons of them all around the area, which can be seen on your map.

Once you are at a Fusebox, interact with it when you have a Fuse in your inventory to power it, which consumes 1 Fuse per Fusebox.

This will open a door that has a stash inside, which you can open to get good loot, and this scales with your level as well.

Where to Buy Fuses?

Fuses can be purchased at any trader but one of the earliest ones you can get is Carlos, who is at Emma’s Mansion.

If you are looking out for traders, all you need to do is keep an eye out for the $ sign and you can buy Fuses from them.

No matter which trader you buy Fuses from, the price will always be 1,500, which is cheap even if you are in the early parts of the game.

Fusebox Locations (District LA)Fusebox Locations in the map District LA

There are several Fusebox rooms located around the maps of Dead Island 2, and these are easy to spot as there will be a Fuse icon on the map.

These represent the locations where a Fusebox door can be found and once they have been opened, the icon will darken and have a check.

As you approach an area where a Fusebox is located, you will be able to see how far it is from you and may head towards it by following it on your Compass Bar.


Getting loot from Fusebox rooms is a good way to get some of the rarer gear in the game and as you progress, the loot gets better.

You can choose to open Fuses early in the game or later when you have access to better weapons since the level and rarity rise with your character level.

Some of the Fusebox rooms may have enemies or traps in them but this is nothing to be worried about because they are usually just weak enemies.

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