Dead Island 2 Fast Travel (How to Unlock & Locations)

Dead Island 2 has a wide selection of locations and you will be going back and forth to some of them as you do story quests, side quests, and more.

The only issue is, this involves a lot of running around and there are no vehicles in the game, which can make it a bit tedious.

Luckily, once you progress in the game, you will have access to the Fast Travel feature, which allows you to quickly move from one safe zone to another.

Fast Travel Dead Island 2

What is Fast Travel?

Fast Traveling is moving from one destination on the map to another map instantaneously when you are in a safe zone.

This saves the whole process of running around the vast areas to go through each of the many locations that are in Dead Island 2.

You can initiate Fast Travel at any time if you have access to a Fast Travel point and may select an available location that you have previously unlocked.

How To Fast Travel?Dead Island 2 Fast Travel Map

Once the feature has been unlocked, you will be able to access Fast Travel Maps that are on surfaces by interacting with them.

Interacting with them will bring up a menu that shows the locations where you have been to and may fast-travel to.

To fast travel, simply select the area you want to Fast Travel to and choose which Fast Travel spot you want to go to.

How To Unlock Fast Travel?

You can unlock the Fast Travel feature as you progress in the game, which mainly includes unlocking a Zombie-Free Zone.

A Zombie free zone will usually contain a map of Hell-A, which can be used to Fast Travel to any other location that has been unlocked.

Once a Fast Travel spot has been unlocked, you will be able to see it on your map and this will also be available in the list of locations you can select.

All Fast Travel Locations

Below is a list of all the Fast Travel locations which you can visit, which are all available later on as you progress throughout the game.

  • Beverly Hills – Roxanne’s House
  • Halperin Hotel – Janitor’s Office
  • Bel-Air – Emma’s Mansion
  • Monarch Studios – Green Screen
  • Hollywood Boulevard – Re-Aging Clinic
  • The Metro – Utility Storage
  • The Pier – Lifeguard HQ
  • Venice Beach – Blue Crab Grill
  • Venice Beach – The Tower
  • Ocean Avenue – Serling Hotel
  • Brentwood Sewer – Maintenance Room
  • Brentwood Sewer – ZFZ Near Near Patton’s


Fast Traveling is a great way to save time from running around various areas in the game and it can be a good way to get closer to your quest objectives.

Unlike some games where you can Fast Travel from any spot, Dead Island 2 requires you to interact with Fast Travel Maps to move from one to another.

If you are focusing on completing certain quests, you will be able to see which Fast Travel Map is the best option to go to.

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