Dead Island 2 Key Bindings & Controls (PC, Xbox, PS4 & PS5)

Dead Island 2 has a huge improvement with controls compared to its predecessor and there is a lot that players can do when it comes to movement and combat.

With the many different control settings available, players can enjoy the game whether they are playing on a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

To get you on track with the different actions as well as the controls and key bindings in Dead Island 2, we have prepared a quick list for you.

Dead Island 2 PC Key Bindings

On the PC, you have the option to have 2 different keys or buttons to be bound to a certain action and can change these at any time through the options.

  • Aim – RMB or Period
  • Attack/Heavy Attack/Throw – LMB or Comma
  • Jump – Space Bar
  • Crouch/Slide – Left CTRL/C
  • Defensive Ability – Left ALT/TMB
  • Flashlight – X
  • Fury Mode – G
  • Reload – R
  • Interact – F
  • Knockback – E
  • Skills Menu – K
  • Inventory – I
  • Map – M
  • Player Menu – Tab
  • Quest Log – L
  • Next Weapon – Mouse Wheel Up
  • Previous Weapon – Mouse Wheel Down
  • Weapon Wheel – MMB
  • Select Weapon: Keys 1 to 8
  • Track Quest – J
  • Curveball/Fury Special Attack – Q
  • Heal – H
  • Sprint – Left Shift
  • Special Attack – V
  • Emote Wheel – Y
  • Contextual Prompts – O
  • Move Forwards – W
  • Move Backwards – S
  • Strafe Left – A
  • Strafe Right – D
  • Look Up – Up
  • Look Down – Down
  • Look Left – Left
  • Look Right – Right
  • Text Chat – U
  • Alexa Game Control Voice Input – B
  • Alexa Game Control Mute (VA Mode) – N

How To Change Key Bindings?

To change your key bindings for PC, open the Main Menu (ESC) and select Options so you can choose Controls, which allows you to pick the settings for whatever platform you are on.

For PC users, you will need to select Key Bindings and this will show all the actions and the keys that are registered to each one of them.

Click on the action you want to set a key or button for to rebind a different key and if you prefer to have 2 keys for one action, this can also be done.

Dead Island 2 Xbox Controls

The Xbox Controls offer you a choice between the various types of Xbox console controllers and have optional layouts to suit your play style.

  • Aim – LT
  • Attack/Throw – RT
  • Defensive Ability – LB
  • Use Throwable – RB
  • Special Attack – LB+RB
  • Sprint – LS (Press)
  • Forward/Back – LS
  • Left/Right – LS
  • Next Weapon/Weapon Wheel – Y
  • Crouch – B
  • Reload/Interact – X
  • Jump – A
  • Knockback – RS (Press)
  • Look Up/Down – RS
  • Look Left/Right – RS
  • Flashlight – Up
  • Switch Curveball – Right
  • Heal – Down
  • Emote Wheel – Left
  • Fury Mode – LS+RS

Dead Island 2 PS4 and PS5 Controls

The controls for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are similar and have the option of a different layout to be chosen.

  • Aim – L2
  • Attack/Throw – R2
  • Defensive Ability – L1
  • Use Throwable – R1
  • Special Attack – L1+R1
  • Fury Mode – L3 + R3
  • Next Weapon/Weapon Wheel – Triangle
  • Crouch – Circle
  • Reload/Interact – Square
  • Jump – X
  • Flashlight – Up
  • Switch Curveball – Right
  • Heal – Down
  • Emote Wheel – Left
  • Sprint – L3 (Press)
  • Knockback – R3 (Press)
  • Forward/Back – L3
  • Left/Right – L3
  • Look Up/Down – R3
  • Look Left/Right – R3

How To Change Controller Layout?

If you prefer to alter the controls when playing on an Xbox or PlayStation, you can do this by opening up the Main Menu and heading to Options.

Select Controls followed by Gamepad Layout, and you will be able to select which controller you are using to play the game. (This also works if you have a controller connected to a PC)

Once you select Gamepad Layout, you can choose between different layouts that may be more fitting to the way you want to play the game.

The following are the control schemes for controllers:

  • Original Flavor
  • Right Hand of Fury
  • Quick to Anger
  • Outta My Way!

Controllers also have optional stick layouts to make things more comfortable, which are:

  • Default
  • Southpaw
  • Legacy
  • Legacy Southpaw

The game also includes optional bumper layouts, and these are the following:

  • Default
  • Focused
  • Focused Southpaw
  • Southpaw


Dead Island 2 has been made to be played on multiple platforms (no cross-platform play) and this allows those who have been eager to get the game to enjoy it regardless of their platform.

While most of the controls seem to be easier on PC since you can choose the key bindings, players who are on the Xbox or PlayStation will have just as much fun as the controls are user-friendly.

All in all, using your character, fighting enemies, and playing through the entire game is completely doable regardless of what platform you are on or what control settings you have.

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