Destiny 2 Lightfall Power Level Cap (Soft, Power & Hard)

Destiny 2 Power Level

When Destiny 2 Lightfall came out, players had their Power Level pushed to 1600 as the base level and are now able to reach a higher one.

Along with the maximum power level, you can also obtain an artifact to boost it after reaching the cap for Lightfall.

It is important to make sure your power level is high to ensure that you can do missions, activities, and more without dying often.

What is Power Level?

A Guardians Power Level or Power Score determines the power value of all their equipped gear, with a higher power level improving your damage and defenses.

With a higher Power Level, you will be able to keep up in missions and activities and deal more damage to enemies while withstanding more of their attacks.

There are some activities introduced in Lightfall that are unforgiving for those with low Power Levels, which makes it important to upgrade as soon as you can.

How To Increase Power Level?Iterative Loop Fusion Rifle

Since your power is based on your currently equipped gear, you will have two options when it comes to increasing your Power Level.

This will be done by equipping stronger gear or dismantling stronger gear through infusion to improve your current ones, consuming it in the process.

Make sure that you always have gear with a higher power, this will increase your overall Power Level as the numbers go up.

How To Transfer Power Level?

To upgrade the Power Level of your gear, you will first need gear of the same type which is higher than your current one.

You will need to open up the gear’s menu and select infuse, which will show you what gear is available for infusion.

If there is a higher Power Level one available, you can begin an Infusion, which will dismantle the weapon and transfer its level.

Power Level Caps

There are certain Power Level caps that you will reach once you have started upgrading your gear to higher levels and the higher you go, the more difficult the grind becomes.

1) Soft Cap (1750)

The Soft Cap can be reached by playing the game normally and you will eventually pick up gear that can be equipped or infused to upgrade your loadout.

Things are pretty easy when you start from 1600 (base power level) and make your way to the soft cap regardless of the rarity of the gear you get.

Reaching the Soft Cap is usually done by completing the Lightfall Quest and doing Season of Defiance activities.

2) Power Cap (1800)

The Power Cap becomes a bit of a challenge and is the latter part of the game, which requires you to focus on weekly challenges.

You will want to do activities across the system that provide you with Powerful gear, which will allow you to get higher engrams.

Doing the weekly challenges for Pinnacle Gear is also a good way to boost your Power Level to 1800 and will be needed once you’re going for Hard Cap.

3) Hard Cap (1810)

To increase your Power Level further, you will need to focus on Pinnacle gear, which is the only higher gear you will get from weekly activities.

Another way is to rank up with the different vendors to get engrams that provide high-level gear to get a chance of obtaining higher gear with higher ranks.

This will be the highest level that players can get using gear and will allow them to easily do the activities during Season of Defiance.


Some players were shocked by how hard Lightfall was as well as its activities but luckily some missions would boost their Power Levels so they could enjoy the story.

The activities on the other hand were not so kind as players with lower levels would be annihilated if they were short even by 10 – 20 levels.

The sooner you increase your Power Level, the easier things will be when you are grinding for gear and completing activities.

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