Destiny 2 Terminal Overload (Location, Rotation & Rewards)

Destiny 2 Terminal Overload Public Event (Activity)

Terminal Overload is an activity that takes place in Neomuna and can be found in one of the 3 locations within the city.

These activities cycle between each of the locations every day, rotating between Zephyr Concourse, Ahisma Park, and Liming Harbor.

Completing these activities will grant players with rewards, which include legendary gear, Defiant Engrams, and more.

How To Do Terminal Overload?

To start a Terminal Overload, you will need to head to the location where it is present and once you engage in the activity you will join it.

Other players may have already started it and you will simply need to join in with whatever current objective there is.

You can either head to the location or select it in the destination menu when looking at Neptune, which will allow you to fast travel to it.

Terminal Overload Location

You can find Terminal Overload activities in any of the 3 locations as long as the rotation is set there during that specific day.

The following are the areas where a Terminal Overload can appear:

  • Zephyr Concourse
  • Ahimsa Park
  • Liming Harbor

Terminal Overload Rotation

The rotation of Terminal Overload will change daily and this will change the activity to Terminal Overload ZC, Terminal Overload AP, or Terminal Overload Liming Harbor.

These are the abbreviations for the location that they are in, which will alter the objectives in a little way but they are mostly similar.

You can check your map to see which current Terminal Overload is active on the map, which will show its location and the name of the Terminal Overload.

Terminal Overload ObjectivesDefeating Protometon, Nexial Hijacker

Each Terminal Overload will have 3 stages where you need to complete a set of objectives which usually begin with you disrupting a Cabal Psion by shooting 3 objects hovering around him.

This will begin the encounter, which then requires you to fight off several Shadow Legion forces and later defeat a miniboss.

The following steps will include capturing an area by standing on the plates marked on your map and later fighting another miniboss.

During the last stage, you will need to do more objectives depending on what is listed down and later face two final bosses.

Keep in mind that there will be a time limit to complete some of the objectives and failure to meet this will result in the activity ending and starting over.

Terminal Overload Key Chest (Terminal Overload Rewards)Overshadow the Legion (Combatants Defeated)

A Terminal Overload activity will reward you with 2 chests once you have defeated the last two bosses, which will contain loot.

The first chest can be opened like any other loot chest and will provide you with Neomuna Rank, Glimmer, and gear.

Opening the second chest requires a Defiant Key, which can reward you with even more Neomuna Rank, Glimmer, and gear as well as Strand Meditations.

It is also possible to get Defiant Engrams for completing this activity and opening the chests that spawn afterward.

Getting Defiant Keys and Opening Chests

Defiant Keys can be obtained by doing activities such as Terminal Overload, Vanguard Strikes, Gambit, Crucible, Raids, and Lightfall campaign missions.

These keys will be stored in your inventory and can stack up to 5 before no more will be collected after the activities.

Once you have a key, it will be automatically used once you attempt to open up the second chest after a Terminal Overload is completed.

Terminal Overload Key Farm

A good way to farm Terminal Overload keys is to simply do the activity over and over again while using any Defiant Keys that you get.

You can also sort to Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible if you want to complete your weekly objectives for them, which are sometimes faster to complete.

Activities are a great way to get keys but if there is nothing left to do, you can always stick to doing Terminal Overload activities.

VerdictTerminal Overload Public Event Complete

Terminal Overload is one of the best ways to get good gear, Defiant Engrams and boost your Power Level when you are first starting after the Lightfall update.

You can get a lot of gear during this event and it is a good way to farm Strand Meditations for unlocking your Strand subclass aspects and fragments.

If you are after increasing your rank with Neomuna, doing Terminal Overloads is also a good choice for an activity as each chest rewards Neomuna Rank.

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