Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign Missions List

Lightfall Destiny 2

The arrival of Lightfall in Destiny 2 has brought on a lot of missions for players to enjoy as they save Neomuna from the clutches of multiple invaders.

During the main quest in Lightfall, you will need to complete each mission to progress with the story revolving around the new campaign.

Not only are these missions new, but they also introduce more difficulty thanks to the new power level cap, giving players a thrill while doing them.

List of Lightfall Missions

Below is the list of all the missions that you will encounter through the course of the Lightfall campaign including links to each walkthrough.

  • Under Siege – Race against time and stop Calus from reaching the Veil.
  • Downfall – Enter Typhon Imperator to find and destroy the Darkness Relay.
  • BreakneckSecure the CloudArk from the Vex incursions.
  • On The VergeTrain with Osiris and begin to learn more about Strand.
  • No Time LeftPrevent the Shadow Legion from using the Darkness relay to create a link with the Veil.
  • Hypernet Current (Strike) – Enter the Vex HyperNet to repower and reset the dormant Neomuni defenses.
  • Headlong – You’ve almost mastered the ways of Strand. Continue and finalize your training with Osiris.
  • Desperate Measures – Repel Calus’s encroachment of the Veil.

Lightfall Campaign Quest Steps

There are a total of 21 quest steps to do when you take up the Lightfall Campaign and within them are the 8 missions that have been listed above.

Other quest steps require that the player heads to certain NPCs or performs tasks that will allow them to progress to the next parts.

To progress with the next quest steps, it is required that whatever missions have been required will need to be finished first.

Rewards From Lightfall Missions

Rewards for completing the Lightfall missions are mostly random but you will get certain rewards as you progress through the quest.

During missions, you can earn Neomuna Rank, Glimmer, Gear, and more as you continue toward the completion of the story.

Altogether, there are a lot of rewards to be obtained and one of the best is the ability to use Strand once the quest is finished.

How To Replay Lightfall Missions

If you have enjoyed the missions that were available in Lightfall, you can always replay them by visiting the Neptune Destination.

From the Destination menu, you will be able to choose to redo the campaign at a regular level or challenge yourself with a higher difficulty.


Just like with other missions in the previous campaigns, some of the parts can be replayed for players to enjoy once more.

Some pretty good rewards can be obtained as well, especially when you redo the mission on a higher difficulty.

While most of the players who experienced Lightfall would opt for just the story, some are out there for a challenge and better rewards.

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