Destiny 2 Headlong Mission Walkthrough

D2 Headlong Lightfall mission

  • Mission Type: Lightfall
  • Mission Location: Strider’s Gate, Neomuna

A long fight is coming and your only hope is to utilize the Strand Energy but you are still an amateur with the newfound power and need to learn more.

During this mission, you will need to become more familiar with Strand Energy and will start to become more adept at using it.

Osiris has planned out a way for you to train with Strand Energy and it looks like the Vex is going to be given a hard time with what you are about to do.

How To Get Headlong Mission?

Headlong is a mission that you do during the Lightfall quest and serves as a requirement to be completed once you reach quest step 15.

Headlong Mission ObjectivesMaking way to Liming Harbor from Strider’s Gate

1) Head to Liming Harbor

You will be starting at Strider’s Gate and will need to jump down and start making your way to Liming Harbor, which is marked by a waypoint.

2) Follow the Strand Energy Source

Once you are in Liming Harbor, you will need to continue following the waypoint to find the traces of Strand Energy.

Interact with Strand Energy to become empowered with the Strand Subclass and continue making your way toward the waypoint.

You will eventually arrive at an area with a Vex Lock, which requires you to solve the puzzle to remove a barrier blocking the way.

Strand Energy

The Vex Lock puzzle can be solved by defeating enemies in a certain order or else they will just respawn and you will be stuck fighting them.

You will see diamonds above the barrier, which indicate the type of enemies as well as the order you must defeat them.

A glowing diamond represents glowing enemies while diamonds that are not glowing represent the ordinary enemies in the area that respawn.

You will need to defeat the enemies in the order of the diamonds, which will remove the barrier if done successfully.

Once the barrier has been removed, continue making your way to each of the waypoints which will lead you to different locations.

You will wind up at another Vex Lock barrier and will need to solve the puzzle once more before you can proceed to go to the next area.

Strand Energy

3) Reflect on Your Strand Training

The waypoint will lead you to an area with several strands of energy which will allow you to grapple across the area to the end.

There will be Strand Energy nearby and you will need to interact with it to proceed to the next objective, which sets you going back to where Vex is present.

4) Defeat the Vex

You will need to clear out the Vex as they begin spawning in the area until all of the waves are defeated and no more Vex are left alive.

5) Complete Osiris’s Training Program

Follow the waypoint to the next area and Ghost will notice that even after using the Strand Energy, you are still stable.

Proceed with making your way to the waypoint where there will be a VexNet and Osiris decides that you will continue by training there.

Fight your way through the Vex that you encounter and solve the next Vex Lock puzzle to proceed into the VexNet.

Jump down into the VexNet once you have opened the way into the VexNet and continue making your way to the end of each area.

Each area will require that you defeat enemies as you traverse through the area and you will need to reach the end to exit and complete your training.

Fighting Ioneion, System Control Flow

In the end, you will find a large room that has a trap rotating and you will need to avoid coming in contact with it.

While doing this, you will also need to defeat Vex enemies until none are remaining for certain waves until a boss is spawned.

You will be fighting Ioneion, System Control Flow, which is large but slow and you will need to fight it while avoiding the rotating trap.

Contacting Nimbus after defeating the boss

6) Contact Nimbus

Once you have defeated the boss, head towards the exit which is through a round energy lift that will bring you out of the VexNet.

A chest that opens will be in front of you just as you exit the VexNet and shortly after, the mission will be complete. 

Headlong Rewards

Upon completing the mission, you may be rewarded with a different 500 Neomuna Rank and 2,500 Glimmer.

The chest that opens up may have gear in it as well as an Upgrade Module and more Glimmer that you can pick up.

SummaryD2 Headlong Lightfall mission completed

When you first started to use Strand Energy, things were complicated, and manifesting its power was difficult.

After more training, you seem to be handling the Strand Energy well, which gives you an advantage over Calus.

Now that your Strand training is complete, the final battle against Calus draws near and you will soon need to utilize this power.

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