Destiny 2 Vex Puzzles Guide (Lightfall)

D2 Lightfall Vex Puzzles

If you have been playing through the Lightfall quest, you may have noticed that certain Vex barriers require a short puzzle to be done.

This can be determined by the barrier with diamonds above it, which will either be glowing or will be without a glow.

To proceed past such barriers, you will need to solve a puzzle that requires defeating the enemies that spawn.

What Are Vex Locks?

Vex Locks are encountered during the Headlong mission, which prevents you from progressing until you have solved the puzzle.

Once you arrive at a Vex Lock, enemies will spawn and will attack you as a way to protect the barrier so that you cannot enter.

How to Solve Vex Locks?

Vex Locks can be taken care of if you defeat enemies in a specific order, which is hinted at by the diamonds above the barriers.

A glowing diamond represents a glowing enemy while a regular diamond represents a glowing enemy, which is among the ones that spawn.

Vex Lock usually has two enemies, which are the Calion Harpy (Glowing) or the Anion Harpy (Regular) and these need to be defeated in the right order.

By viewing the Vex Lock diamonds, you will know which enemies need to be defeated and will have to defeat any of the represented ones following the pattern.

Vex Input Error Resetting Vex Lock

The Vex Input Error occurs when you have defeated the wrong enemy, which happens if you do not shoot the represented one.

This will reset the Vex Lock entirely, which despawns the set of enemies and spawns them again until you get the pattern right.

Vex Input Accepted

Shooting the right enemies that are represented by the diamonds will allow you to unlock the barrier and each time you get it right, this message will appear.

For each enemy that you correctly defeat in order, you will get the Vex Input Accepted message, which eventually allows you to remove the barrier.

Vex Lock XP

When you encounter a Vex Lock, this can be a sign that there will be infinite enemies until you have gotten the pattern right.

To avoid any abuse for the enemies that spawn, XP is disabled for the enemies spawned by a Vex Lock and cannot be farmed to level up fast.


The Vex may sometimes come up with the trickiest and sometimes more advanced challenges that players can be put through such as the Vex Lock.

Solving the Vex Locks is easy as long as you check the diamonds first and it is a good idea to also target enemies one by one.

It is advisable to resort to your weapons only when solving a Vex Lock to ensure you do not defeat the wrong target and start over again.

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