Destiny 2 Hypernet Current Strike Walkthrough

Hypernet Current (Strike) Mission Lightfall Destiny 2

  • Mission Type: Season of Defiance
  • Mission Location: Maya’s Retreat, Neomuna

Caitl has received reports that the Shadow Legion is focusing on targeting Neomuna’s CloudArk, which poses a threat to the citizens.

Aside from the Shadow Legion attacking Neomuna, the Vex are also interfering with their internal systems, causing problems to the CloudArk.

You will need to fight back against the Shadow Legion while also stopping the Vex from causing more problems.

How To Get Hypernet Current Strike?

Hypernet Current is a Strike that is available from Neptune and may be started at any time from destinations or the Vanguard Ops playlist.

Hypernet Current Mission ObjectivesFighting with the Shadow Legion at Maya’s Retreat to move forward

1) Reactivate Neomuna’s Defenses

You will be deployed at Maya’s Retreat and will need to fight your way through the Shadow Legion as you make your way toward the waypoint.

2) Defeat the Shadow Legion Forces

Once you reach the waypoint, you will find a Taken Blight surrounded by Shadow Legion Forces and will need to clear them out.

This will include a Tormentor miniboss called Toniq, Imprint of Nezarec, which you will need to defeat before pushing forward.

3) Enter the Vex Network

After clearing out the Shadow Legion forces, the Taken Blight will disappear and an entrance to the Vex network will be below.

You will need to jump down into the Vex Network and proceed with making your way toward the waypoint.

4) Investigate the Vex Network

There will be multiple enemies along the way as you continue going through the Vex Network and you will need to fight past them to reach the end.

defeating a Quantum Minotaur to get Arc Cranium

5) Cleanse the Taken Blights

The next area will be full of Taken Blights that you need to destroy but these are immune to normal weapons and cannot be damaged.

To destroy the Taken Blights, you will need to defeat a Quantum Minotaur that will drop an Arc Cranium.

The Arc Cranium can be used to damage the Taken Blights, allowing you to get rid of them until progress reaches 100% when all of them have been destroyed.

Using Sparrow to drive on the track to reach the end

6) Push Farther into the Network

Nearby there will be a pad that launches you into the next area and you will need to jump onto it to progress to an area where there is a large track.

You will need to use a Sparrow to drive your way around the track until you reach the end while avoiding enemies and obstacles.

7) Cleanse the Taken Rifts

The next area will have Taken Rifts in specific locations that you will need to destroy and this will be similar to destroying Taken Blights.

You can find Quantum Minotaurs in the area and will need to defeat them to get their Arc Craniums to destroy the Taken Rifts.

8) Enter the Central Control Area

After destroying all the Taken Rifts, head to the center where you will be elevated to what appears to be an arena and a Taken Hydra will appear.

Defeating the Taken Hydra

9) Defeat the Taken Hydra

The taken hydra is a boss called Parthenios, Drifting Mind and you will have to fight it until part of its health has been depleted.

Once its health has gone down by one bar, Taken Blights will appear and you will need to destroy them by finding Quantum Minotuars and defeating them for their Arc Craniums.

The Taken Hydra will become invulnerable during this time and you will need to reach 100% progress to remove its invulnerability.

After the Taken Blight has been removed, you will be able to continue fighting the Taken Hydra again until its health drops.

Once the Taken Hydra’s health drops, you will need to do the same thing, except this time it will be the Taken Rifts you need to destroy.

After the Taken Rifts have been dealt with, you will now be able to finish off Parthenios and the mission will be complete shortly after.

Hypernet Current Strike Rewards

Completing the Hypernet Current Strike will reward you with a chest that gives glimmer, gear as well and more rewards.

SummaryHypernet Current mission completed

It looks like a lot of enemies are after what Neomuna has and this attempt from multiple enemies was just the beginning.

Thanks to your efforts, the CloudArk is safe and the citizens of Neomuna will now be able to focus on other tasks with little worry.

While no one is sure what the enemies wanted with the CloudArk, it is best to be prepared they may return some time later.

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