Destiny 2 No Time Left Mission Walkthrough

No Time Left Lightfall mission

  • Mission Type: Season of Defiance
  • Mission Location: Zephyr Concourse, Neomuna

While you were away connecting with Strand energy, it looks like your enemies seized the opportunity to attack Neomuna.

The Radial Mast is about to be activated and if their plan is not prevented, all will be lost for Neomuna and its people.

In an attempt to stop Calus and the Shadow Legion, your allies will be joining you this time as they can no longer hold back.

How To Get No Time Left?

No Time Left mission begins right after you have completed On The Verge, which is part of the Lightfall main quest.

Completing, No Time Left is required to proceed forward with quest step 10 of the Lightfall main quest.

No Time Left Mission ObjectivesZephyr Concourse with Shadow Legions blocking my way

1) Find the Veil

Starting in the Zephyr Concourse, you will need to start making your way to the waypoint as you rush to prevent the attack.

There will be groups of the Shadow Legion blocking the way and you will have to fight your way through them, eventually leading you to a suppression device.

2) Investigate the Suppression Device

With Osiris believing he may be on to something regarding the device, he instructs you to move closer to the device.

He states that the device is only accustomed to your known powers which means that it is unable to suppress Strand powers.

3) Find the Strand Source

You will need to clear out the enemies and go into the room nearby to begin looking for traces of a Strand energy source.

Follow the green trails in the area, making your way towards the waypoint marking the location where you can imbue yourself with Strand and activate it.

Using super ability to destroy the suppressor

4) Use Super to Destroy the Suppressor

Once you have activated your Strand abilities, you will have fast ability regeneration and will need to use your Super ability to destroy the suppressor.

After destroying the Suppressor Device, you will become exhausted and return to your normal subclass but will be able to proceed to the previously blocked area.

Clear out the enemies and make your way towards the next waypoint, where there will be several enemies including Goliath Tanks.

There will be a Strand anomaly nearby and you will need to activate it to use your Strand Super ability to destroy the nearby Suppression Device.

5) Clear the Landing Zone

There will be enemies remaining in the area and you will need to defeat all of them before you can proceed with the mission.

After clearing out the enemies, you will have access to a Drake Tank and will need to use it to get to the next area by destroying a nearby gate.

Using Drake Tank to destroy the fuel cells

6) Advance to the Vault

Once you are in the next area, you will need to use the Drake Tank to destroy the fuel cells scattered around by firing at them with the tank’s projectiles.

There are a total of 4 Fuel Cells that need to be destroyed and once this is done, you can continue to the next area through a long tunnel.

Proceed with following the waypoint as you fight through the city and you will come across a Pyramid Goliath (tank) which you need to destroy.

Once the tank is destroyed a barrier blocking a gate behind it will go down and you will need to use a Drake Tank to destroy the gate.

7) Destroy the Suppressors

As you proceed to the next area there will be Suppressor Devices that disable the tank and you will need to continue on foot.

You will need to once again find a Strand anomaly and interact with it to get the powers needed and use your Strand Super to destroy both of the Suppressor Devices.

8) Advance to the Vault

Once the Suppressor Devices have been taken care of, continue making your way outside and clear out the enemies around you.

9) Advance to the Veil

After clearing out the enemies, Rohan will appear and destroy a small portion of a wall, allowing you to continue by foot to enter a building.

You will need to head into the hole and proceed with following the waypoint, which leads you inside the Irkalla Complex.

10) Approach Rohan

Rohan will buy you some time as the Radial Mast is about to be activated and will prevent it for some time while you clear the area.

Fighting with Val Bho’kaurl to defeat him

11) Defeat Val Bho’kaurl

An enemy you encountered in a recent mission known as Val Bho’kaurl will appear and you will need to fight him along with the other Shadow Legion enemies.

12) Destroy the Suppressor

While fighting Val Bho’kaurl, he will become invulnerable once his health has been depleted halfway until you destroy a nearby Suppressor Device.

This can be done by following the nearby traces of Strand energy and activating the Strand subclass, which is needed to destroy the Suppressor Device.

13) Destroy All Tanks

Tanks will be in the area nearby and you will need to fight them off with either your weapons or by utilizing a nearby Drake Tank that you can summon.

14) Defeat Val Bho’kaurl

Once you have destroyed the tanks, Val Bho’Kaurl will be vulnerable again and you can continue fighting him until his life is low.

15) Destroy the Suppressor

Another Suppressor Device will be deployed and you will need to activate the Strand subclass again to destroy it to make Val Bho’kaurl vulnerable.

Val Bho’kaurl will be waiting for you at the Strand anomaly and just as you activate it, the immense power will not only destroy the Suppressor Device but also Val Bho’kaurl.

Approaching Rohan to destroy it

16) Approach Rohan

The Radial Mast will almost be activated and Rohan is the only one preventing it by holding the device in place.

Rohan tells you to destroy the Radial Mast, which will also destroy him in the process as there is no other way.

You decide not to and Rohan sacrifices his life source to create an explosion that causes the Radial Mast to be destroyed.

Nimbus requests that you pick up Rohans core, which is done automatically and the mission ends afterward.

No Time Left Rewards

Completing, No Time Left mission will reward you with 500 Neomuna Rank, Glimmer as well as random gear.

This allows you to later progress further with the Lightfall main quest, allowing you to continue to quest step 12.

SummaryNo Time Left mission completed

Calus and the Shadow Legion were preparing a devastating attack on Neomuna but luckily you and your allies were able to stop it just in time.

Without the sacrifice made by Rohan, things may have taken a turn for the worse and while his death is being mourned, Neomuna remains somewhat safer.

You were able to obtain Rohan’s Core, which as of now is something unfamiliar to you but Nimbus must have requested it for a reason.

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