Destiny 2 To Hero Quest Walkthrough

To Hero Quest Lightfall Destiny 2

Following the loss of Rohan after his sacrifice to destroy the Radial Mass, it is up to Nimbus to continue keeping Neomuna safe.

Neomuna is still under siege and there are a lot of issues that need to be tackled to make it a safer place for the Neomuna.

Your task in all of this is to help Nimbus keep Neomuna protected, which you can do by helping out the citizens out in the open.

How to Get To Hero Quest?

To Hero is a quest that you obtain after completing quest step 12 in the Lightfall main campaign, which follows the death of Rohan.

This is a sequel quest to From Zero, which is a continuation of your efforts to help keep Neomuna safe by doing activities in the area.

To Hero Quest StepsTo Hero quest info

Step 1: Retrieve the Remaining Supply Caches from Region Chests in Neomuna

After previously collecting a few of the supply caches scattered around Neomuna, it is time for you to find the rest.

You will need to locate all of the other regional chests in Neomuna, which requires you to get 6 more since you already got the first 3.

  • Open a total of 9 Chests (3 already opened)

Step 2: Work with the Neomuna People to Defend the City

Just as you did with the From Zero quest, you will need to continue helping out the citizens of Neomuna by completing patrols, public events, and gathering resources or chests.

  • Complete Tasks (Reach 100% Progress)

Defeating Shadow Legionary Gha’ram

Step 3: Travel to Typhon Imperator and Defeat Shadow Legionary Gha’ram

A Shadow Legionary Gha’ram resides within the Typhon Imperator and to make an impact against the Shadow Legion, defeating him will be a good tactic.

You will need to head over to the Typhon Imperator, go through a portal near the entrance, and defeat the Esteemed Colossus who is inside the room with a statue of Calus.

  • Defeat Shadow Legionary Gha’ram

Step 4: Return to Nimbus

After doing your part to protect the city, it’s time for you to report back to Nimbus to tell him about your success.

  • Visit Nimbus

To Hero Quest Rewards

After you have completed To Hero quest, Nimbus will reward you with a Round Robin Legendary Hand Cannon.


The weight of protecting the city can be heavy, especially if you have witnessed what Nimbus has gone through firsthand.

Now that Rohan is gone, Nimbus will have to take things up a notch to ensure the city remains safe, and lucky for him you are around.

Your efforts to fight back against the invaders have made a good impact and the city has a better chance now due to your success.

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