Neomuna Region Chest Locations With Map

It was unknown until the release of Lightfall that Neomuna was inhibited by civilization and there are even hidden treasures on the planet.

When exploring the different locations in Neomuna, you may come across certain containers known as Neomuna Region Chests.

D2 Neptune region chest container

These chests can be spotted on your map and maybe looted once you find them, providing you with. 

All Neomuna Region Chest Locations

Neomuna has a total of 9 Region Chests located in it and these are all separated into groups of 3 among 3 different areas.

While you are exploring Neomuna, you can find a set of 3 Region Chests in Zephyr Concourse, Ahimsa Park, and Liming Harbor.

Neomuna’s Zephyr Concourse Region Chests

Zephyr Concourse 3 regional chests locations

The Zephyr Concourse has 3 region chests and each of them is in slightly hard-to-reach places but you can easily get to them using your jump abilities.

1) Region Chest 1

Neptune region chest 1

The first region chest can be found right away just as you enter the Zephyr Concourse and it is located just on top of the red part of a building.

You can easily use your jump ability to get on top of the part that is sticking out of the building and access the Region Chest.

2) Region Chest 2

Neptune region chest 2

The second region chest in Zephyr Concourse is a bit tricky to get as it is behind a large piece of glass but you can find the entrance just below it through a vent.

3) Region Chest 3

Neptune region chest 3

Region Chest 3 is an easy find in the Zephyr Concourse and you simply need to head to the back of the bar and jump down to some platforms.

Neomuna’s Ahimsa Park Region Chests

Ahimsa Park 3 regional chests locations

The Ahimsa Park has 2 Region Chests while one is an easy find but things should not be too hard if you use your jump abilities at the right time.

4) Region Chest 4

Neptune region chest 4

Region Chest 4 can be found as you keep to the left when entering Ahimsa Park as there will be a slope going down that leads to an underground cave.

You can easily use your jump ability to get on top of the part that is sticking out of the building and access the Region Chest.

5) Region Chest 5

Neptune region chest 5

You can find Region Chest 5 in a small hole at the side of the entrance of the Typhon Imperator if you follow the wall down to the cracks.

6) Region Chest 6

Neptune region chest 6

One of the trickier ones to get is Region Chest 6, which requires you to jump from the windows on the building next to the yellow one south of Ahimsa Park.

Neomuna’s Liming Harbor Region Chests

Liming Harbor 3 regional chests locations

Liming Harbor is quite small but some of the chests are well hidden. One of them is a bit difficult to get due to the need to jump a lot, but it is still doable.

7) Region Chest 7

Neptune region chest 7

To get Region Chest 7, it may be a bit annoying but you will have to get through the large turbine and jump up on the platform connected to it.

8) Region Chest 8

Neptune region chest 8

Get ready to do some jumping because Region Chest 8 is located near the ships and you will have to jump on platforms to get to it just around the corner.

9) Region Chest 9

Neptune region chest 9

Region Chest 9 can be found easily if you go inside the ship in Liming Harbor and ascend to the platforms, where you will find it at the top.

Neomuna Region Chests Bounty

Once you have finished opening all 9 of the Neomuna Region Chests you will be rewarded with the Neomuna’s Bounty Triumph being completed.


Some of the Region Chests in Neomuna are a bit difficult to get due to the areas you have to reach and the enemies surrounding them but it is still worth the effort.

Aside from being able to get your hands on some loot as well as completing another triumph, you also gain Neomuna Rank when you open a chest.

Finding all chests is a good way to explore the area and along the way, you are bound to find other interesting things as well.

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