How to Fast Travel in Hogwarts Legacy

Fast travel Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has a big map and there are lots of places you can go to but getting there can sometimes take a bit of time.

Luckily for you, once you have been to certain locations, there is a way to quickly travel back to the location in seconds.

The game has a fast travel feature via Floo Flames which can be found all around the map, allowing you to places you have already discovered quicker.

What Are Floo Flames?Discovered fast travel point a Floo Flames

Floo Flames are a magical enhancement placed in an area that players can use to fast travel from one point to another.

You can use the fast travel feature once it is unlocked during the Welcome To Hogwarts quest, which is earlier in the game.

Unlocking fast travel points requires that you have already been to one spot and you can use them anytime when you open your map.

How To Fast Travel?

To fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to open up your map to view the available locations where you can instantly go.

The discovered Floo Flames are shaded green while undiscovered ones are left white until you discover them.

Once you are viewing your map, simply select the Floo Flame that you wish to fast travel to and the game will load for a bit and you will be teleported there.

How To Unlock Fast Travel Locations?Discovered Astronomy Tower Floo Flames location

To unlock a fast travel point, you will need to go to the Floo Flame and once you are close enough, the fast travel location will be discovered.

If you want to unlock a certain fast travel point, you can track a Floo Flame using your map and a waypoint will show its location with a trail leading to it.

You can follow the trail, which will be purple on your minimap, and can reach the Floo Flame to discover it, making it available for fast traveling at any time.

Fast Travel Not Working?

Sometimes players may be stuck and the game will tend not to load or let them move to do this you have a few options.

If your game is stuck while loading, give it some time before giving up and if nothing happens, you should close the game and start it up again.

Whenever you are stuck in an object, or wall or experience a fast traveling glitch, you can simply save your game and load it to be placed in a default starting area nearby.


Hogwarts Legacy has some pretty fancy locations and getting to certain areas can be time-consuming if you do not make use of the Floo Flames.

It is a good idea to always look out for fast travel points as they will be marked on your map to quickly get around.

Making sure that all Floo Flames are unlocked wherever you go is a good way to ensure you can go about the map without taking too much time.

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