Cache in the Castle Quest: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle

As you are making your way around the Astronomy Wing at Hogwarts, you will run into a person named Arthur Plummly who appears to be busy with a map.

Arthur Plummy will call out to you asking for your help, which you may provide if you have the time to go on a treasure hunt.

There seem to be some secrets in Hogwarts and Arthur Plummy wishes to find out and will offer you a take in the treasure if you accept to join him.

How To Get Cache in the Castle?

You can get the side quest called Cache in the Castle while you are traveling through the Astronomy Wing by speaking to Arthur Plummly.

Accepting his offer to take your share in his treasure hunt will begin the mission right away and he will give you one of his maps.

Cache in the Castle Side Quest WalkthroughTalking to Arthur Plummly and he invites you to search for the treasure

1) Talk to Arthur Plummly

Arthur Plummly will be in one of the corners and you can find him by tracking the quest or simply heading to his location.

Once you speak with Arthur, he will tell you about what he is trying to do and will invite you to search for one of the treasures.

Arthur's Treasure map to find the treasure

The treasure map will have some familiar images, which means they are in Hogwarts, and to your luck, they are nearby.

Finding the first landmark which is mentioned in the treasure map

2) Find the First Landmark from Arthur’s Treasure Map

After speaking with Arthur, head down the stairs to find what appears to be a rhinoceros skeleton and move close to it.

3) Find the Second Landmark from Arthur’s Treasure Map

The second landmark is the dragon statue which can be found in the Transfiguration Courtyard and once again you need to approach it.

4) Find the Painting from Arthur’s Treasure Map

The last clue is of a painting and judging from the looks of it, you can find it just nearby as its area will be shown by a purple circle on your minimap.

finding the painting which is mentioned in the treasure map

5) Discover the Painting’s Secret

Head up the stairs at the location until you come across a painting and cast Accio on it, which will cause it to zoom into a door.

Once the painting is in sight, you will need to cast Accio and instead of pulling anything, the painting will zoom in on a door.

As soon as the door appears, you can walk through it to take the treasure that has been hidden within the mysterious painting.

6) Return to Arthur Plummly

Now that you have taken the treasure, it is time to head back to Arthur Plummy to speak to him about what you have found.

Cache in the Castle Rewards

Completing the Cache in the Castle quest will reward you with 180 XP and you will also have obtained the Authentic Historian’s Uniform appearance gear.

VerdictHogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle completed

While Arthur had trouble earlier when he was first searching about it looks like he was staying for quite some time.

Arthur may have had 2 maps but with your help, one of these maps was solved, and you were able to get something nice in return.

While treasure seems to be abundant in the game, there are certain side quests that you want to make sure you pick up to get more goodies.

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