The Hunt For The Missing Pages Quest: Hogwarts Legacy

The Hunt For The Missing Pages main quest Hogwarts Legacy

After you have gone out of your way to meet with Natty and have saved a researcher named Nora, it’s time to head back to Hogwarts.

As you continue your search for more clues about the book, you will need to follow a lead that may suggest that Nearly Headless Nick knows where to look.

Headless Nick is willing to help you in his way but he will first need a favor from you, which is a bit strange once you find out what it is.

How To Get The Hunt For The Missing Pages?

To get The Hunt For The Missing Pages quest, you will first have to complete the Trials of Merlin quest, which will cause it to begin afterward.

The Hunt For The Missing Pages Quest WalkthroughSpeaking with nearly headless Nick

1) Speak To Nearly Headless Nick

Nearly Headless Nick will be at the Reception Hall and you can either go by foot or fast travel to the closest location nearby and speak with him.

2) Follow Sir Nicholas

Sir Nicholas (Nearly Headless Nick) tells you to follow him as he has a favor that you will need to do for him before he helps you out.

As you are walking, Sir Nicholas tells you that he would like for you to obtain some Rotten Roast Beef for him as it can be tasted if one floats through it just right.

Obtaining rotten roast beef

3) Obtain Rotten Roast Beef

The two of you end up in a hallway in front of the Pair Portrait, where Sir Nicholas will then tell you to tickle the pear.

Interact with the portrait and the pear will begin to laugh, which causes a hidden door to open, giving you access to the Kitchens.

Once you are inside the Kitchens, head towards the end and follow the wall going to the right until you find a small section with barrels.

The Rotten Roast Beef will be on top of one of the barrels and you can use Revelio to get a better view of where it is located when nearby.

Take the Rotten Roast Beef and an elf named Feenky will appear to have a short dialogue with you before you can leave.

4) Return to Sir Nicholas

After taking the Rotten Roast Beef, head over to speak to Sir Nicholas, which will be just outside where you first left him.

Once the cutscene with Sir Nicholas ends, you will be brought to the Hogsmeade Graveyard where Sir Nicholas leads you into the area.

Sir Nicholas will attempt to buy his way into the Headless Hunt but Sir Patrick, who seems to be in charge, denies him.

The two will leave as Sir Patrick escorts Sir Nicholas out of the area and you will need to find the Headless Hunt’s game to look for someone named Jackdaw.

5) Find the Headless Hunt’s Game

The ghosts will be playing a game which is in the area marked by a waypoint and you will need to head over to see if Jackdaw is there.

Once you arrive at the area where the game is being held, speak to Sir Nestor Amset and a cutscene will begin where you ask for Jackdaw.

Destroying the pumpkins to find the head

6) Destroy the Pumpkins to Find the Head

To seek Jackdaw’s help, you will first have to participate in a game with them which requires you to find Jackdaw’s head 5 times when it is hidden.

This requires that you destroy the correct pumpkin and you can easily spot the right one by casting Revelio and destroying the one that is highlighted blue.

7) Speak to Richard Jackdaw

After you have won the game, you will be able to speak to Richard Jackdaw who later agrees to help you find the pages as he was the last one to have them.

Richard Jackdaw will tell you to meet him at the forest’s edge and shortly after the cutscene ends, the quest will be complete.

The Hunt For The Missing Pages Rewards

Completing, The Hunt for the Missing Pages will allow you to progress with the main story and will now set you on a path to meet Richard Jackdaw to find his body.

VerdictThe Hunt For The Missing Pages main quest completed

At first, you thought Sir Nicholas was trying to help you just for the good of it but it turns out he just wanted to join the Headless Hunt.

While he was escorted out, the other ghosts were quite hospitable and helped you out in the tiniest bit after playing a game.

It looks like Richard Jackdaw was the last one to take hold of the missing pages but you will have to find his body where he died before you can get them.

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