Hogwarts Legacy Trials of Merlin Quest

Trials of Merlin main quest Hogwarts Legacy

After hearing a cry from a stranger who appears to be in danger, you are now set to rush toward the voice of whoever the victim is.

The person seems to be a researcher who is being bothered by a group of Ashwinders and things do not look too good.

It turns out that the Ashwinders are searching the area for you and this time you are there to fight back.

How To Get Trials of Merlin?

Trials of Merlin begin right after you have finished speaking to Natty, who you went to visit at Hogsfield after she requested it.

After your conversation with Natty and the completion of The Girl from Uagadou, the Trials of Merlin quest begins after you hear a nearby commotion.

Trials of Merlin Quest WalkthroughHelping the Stranger from the enemies

1) Help the Stranger

A waypoint will be marking the location of the person who is in trouble and you will see that there are Ashwinder enemies present.

As you approach the stranger who is being harassed a cutscene will begin where the stranger is revealed to be Nora Treadwell, a researcher.

The Ashwinder enemies spot you and attempt to take you but Nora attacks them and the two of you begin to battle them.

2) Defeat the Thieves

Along with Nora, you will need to defeat the Ashwinder thieve and after getting rid of the first two, more will appear along with an Ashwinder Duelist.

You will have to continue fighting all the enemies until none of them are left and shortly after, you will need to speak to Nora.

3) Speak with the Stranger

After the fight, approach Nora after she moves to the side and speaks with her to begin a cutscene where the two of you discuss why you are being hunted.

Afterward, Nora will talk to you about her research regarding Merlin, which later leads to the discovery of the Trials of Merlin.

4) Get the Mallowsweet from the Trunk

Nora has discovered that there is a connection between Mallowsweet and the pillars left behind by Merlin.

She tells you that there is some Mallowsweet in a nearby trunk and you will need to go over and open it to get some.

Defeating the Thieves

5) Solve Merlin’s Trial

To solve Merlin’s Trial you will need to head to swirl on the ground and use the Mallowsweet on it by interacting.

Next, there will be a puzzle and this will be different from any other trials that you encounter in the future.

This trial will have 2 pyres nearby and you will need to ignite both of them before one sink, which will solve the trial. (you earn 80 XP)

6) Speak to Nora Treadwell

After the trial has been solved, you will need to head back to Nora Treadwell and speak to her, which begins a cutscene.

She mentions more about the Trials of Merlin and how you may encounter different ones in the future before leaving, which completes the quest.

Trials of Merlin Rewards

The Trials of Merlin quest will provide you 260 XP upon completion and you also previously obtained 80 XP for completing one of the trials.

After this quest, you will not know how to solve the other Trials of Merlin that are hidden throughout the land, which of course will require Mallowsweet.

VerdictTrials of Merlin main quest complete

Just as you thought everything would be a normal day, you happened to run into a strange researcher who was able to show you something new.

It looks like these Trials of Merlin are something worth looking into and probably a reward awaits you if you manage to solve all of them.

You should still be on the lookout though as a lot of people are now after you judging by what happened with Nora Treadwell.

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