Jackdaw’s Rest Quest: Hogwarts Legacy

Jackdaw's Rest main quest Hogwarts Legacy

Richard Jackdaw was the last person to have possessed the pages from the book but judging by him being a decapitated ghost, it looks like things didn’t go well for him.

He has previously agreed to help you find the lost pages but things may get a bit dangerous so it’s best to be prepared.

With minimal knowledge of what happened to him in his previous life, Richard Jackdaw will accompany you as much as he can to help you locate his body and the pages.

How To Get Jackdaw’s Rest?

Jackdaw’s Rest is obtained after you have completed The Hunt For The Missing Pages, where you finally were able to meet someone who knew where the pages are located.

Jackdaw’s Rest Quest WalkthroughMeeting Richard Jackdaw at the Forbidden Forest

1) Meet Richard Jackdaw at the Forbidden Forest

Once you have this quest, you will need to meet Richard Jackdaw during the evening at the Forbidden Forest.

If you are at the location during the day, you can wait using your map or interact with the marked location to fast forward time.

Richard Jackdaw will be waiting near a tree and you will need to speak with him before he accompanies you.

2) Follow Jackdaw Through the Forbidden Forest

Richard Jackdaw will begin to lead the way and you will need to follow him until you reach the path that leads forward to the cave where he died.

The location will be marked by a waypoint and you will need to get past enemies or take an alternate route to get there.

Whispering a password at a nearby birdbath

3) Whisper the password

You eventually find the cave but it is sealed, which requires you to whisper a password at a nearby birdbath by interacting with it.

4) Investigate the Cave Where Jackdaw Died

After whispering Intra Muros as a password, the cave will open up and you will need to approach it in an attempt to explore what lies within.

5) Defeat Ranrok’s Loyalist

Just as you are about to enter the cave, you will be ambushed by goblins and will have to defeat them before proceeding

6) Investigate the Cave Where Jackdaw died

Once the enemies have been cleared out, make your way toward the cave and interact with it to proceed with going inside.

Finding the missing pages

7) Find the Missing Pages

As soon as you enter the cave you will find yourself in front of a gate with locks, which you must trigger to unlock it.

You can use Basic Cast to activate them quickly and this will allow you to proceed into the next area of the cave where a bridge emerges from the water.

Proceed to make your way through the cave and use Incendio to destroy the spider web blocking your way and fight your way through the spiders.

Keep in mind that you will stumble upon some resources that you can collect along the way and later some loot from chests.

As you continue, there will be another gate that needs 3 mechanisms to be attacked to create another bridge nearby which you will need to reach.

Proceed by fighting your way through more spiders and head further inside the cave until you get through another crawlspace.

Pulling a platform using Accio

A platform will be present between a gap that you need to pull with Accio and get on top of, which requires you to use Accio again to get across.

Keep going towards the waypoint or explore first to find another platform nearby that you can use to reach certain areas with chests.

As you head towards the waypoint, you will come across the bridge but there will be spiders in the area that you need to defeat.

There will be another gate nearby with more mechanisms and you will need to once again attack all three to open it up and extend a bridge.

Found Richard Jackdaw’s body

Cross the bridge and you will come across Richard Jackdaw’s body and it will appear that he had been killed with dual swords to the neck.

8) Defend Yourself Against the Ancient Defenders

After obtaining the pages from Jackdaw’s body, you will need to fight off Pensieve Sentinels that come to life and will begin attacking.

The Pensieve Sentinels will be accompanied by Pensieve Sentry enemies and after all of them have been defeated, a few more statues will come to life and attack you.

Defending against the Ancient defenders

You will now be facing Pensieve Protectors, which are much tougher than the previous enemies but should be able to defeat them.

9) Investigate the Traces of Ancient Magic

Once you have defeated the enemies, head towards the traces of ancient magic and interact with them to create a portal.

Go inside the portal and you will find yourself in a room that begins to flood but your ancient magic protects you from drowning.

 Keep going through the water and enter the door at the end where there will be a large room with portraits at the side.

10) Speak to the Portrait

Move towards the large portrait of Percival Rackham and interact with it to begin a cutscene, where your character talks to them.

11) Exit the Map Chamber

After speaking with Percival Rackham, make your way towards the nearby door and continue going forward to reach the exit.

As you go up a flight of stairs, you will realize that you are now back at Hogwarts and shortly after, the quest will be complete.

Jackdaw’s Rest Rewards

The quest will end once you are back at Hogwarts and once it is complete, you will obtain 260 XP and can keep any of the other items you have found.

VerdictJackdaw's Rest main quest completed

Richard Jackdaw had kept his word and led you to his body but it is unsure what happened to him following the discovery.

You had a tough battle within the cave with different enemies, which requires you to explore a little bit for some unlocks.

With the pages now in your possession, it’s time to seek out your other classes and make sure nothing is missed.

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