Flying Class Quest: Hogwarts Legacy

Flying Class Main Quest Hogwarts Legacy

After recently recovering the lost pages from a book that you discovered, you are currently waiting for Professor Fig to return.

He asked you to make sure to attend your classes and this time, you will be attending the Flying Class, which is about riding a broom and is taught by Madam Kogawa.

This quest will be a tutorial on how to ride a broom and later on you will be able to get your very own one during a side quest to travel around easily.

How To Get Flying Class Quest?

The Flying Class quest is obtained once you have completed the Jackdaw’s Rest quest, which has you going back to your classes after a long adventure in a cave.

Flying Class Quest WalkthroughMadam Kogawa gives instructions

1) Go to Flying Class

The quest will not begin yet until you arrive and you will have to do so during the day but arriving at the wrong time is okay since you can fast-forward time.

The Flying Class will take place at the Flying Class Lawn, which can be found near the Bell Tower Courtyard and reached via fast traveling.

Once you are in the area, you can begin the quest by interacting with the marked location, which starts a cutscene.

2) Summon Broom

This objective does not have a description but you will need to interact with the correct movement actions.

By doing a looking-up motion, you will be able to follow the instructions of Madam Kogawa to magically lift your broom.

Madam Kogawa instructs to fly through each rings in the courtyard

3) Fly Through the Rings

After the cutscene, you will be riding the broom and will need to use the movement keys to control the flight.

You will need to fly through 3 rings which will each be marked based on which one you need to fly through until you have gone through all of them.

4) Fly Through the Rings Around the Grounds

Now that you have gotten a hang of flying around slowly, you can now toggle flight speed to allow you to fly faster.

This now requires that you fly through more rings, which acts as doing a lap going around the side of the area at a faster pace.

Follow Everett Clopton

5) Follow Everett Clopton

Reaching the last ring will start a cutscene where Everett Clopton invites you for a tour around Hogwarts via flying.

Once the cutscene is finished, you will need to follow him as he leads the way and this time you will have the ability to the Speed Burst to fly around faster.

6) Return to the Courtyard

Madam Kogawa will signal for everyone to stop flying and you will need to make your way back to the Courtyard.

fly down and dismount the broom in the courtyard

7) Land and Dismount

Once you are at the Courtyard, you will need to fly down and dismount from it, which will begin a cutscene where Madam Kogawa catches the two of you.

After scolding you and Everett, Madam Kogawa commends your ability to fly and the quest ends shortly after the cutscene.

Flying Class Rewards

The Flying Class serves as a way to teach you how to fly and upon completing it, you will earn 260 XP and later get the Flight Test side quest, which later lets you purchase a broom.

The broom you purchase later on will allow you to fly around, allowing you to travel differently whenever possible.

VerdictFlying Class main quest completion

Getting your way around Hogwarts and the surrounding locations around it can sometimes be tedious, even with fast traveling.

Now that you have learned how to fly using a broom, you can now get around to certain areas easily and can continue once you get your very own broom.

Since you already know how to fly a broom, it looks like now is the right time to go ahead and get one for yourself, which can be done with the Flight Test side quest.

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