Hogwarts Legacy Eye Chests (Locations, How to Open & Loot)

Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy

While you are out exploring the world in Hogwarts Legacy, you will notice that some areas have strange chests that have an eye.

These eyeball chests are a rare type of chest that you can find in the game, which can be opened if certain conditions are met.

Judging by the design, it most likely means that you will need to be a bit sneaky when it comes to trying to open them as they will be inaccessible if you are spotted.

What are Eye Chests?

Eye Chests are a type of storage container that can be accessed to obtain the goodies that they hold inside, which is mostly just a heap of Galleons.

These chests can be found hidden in several areas of the game and will stare at you angrily if you get too close to them.

Once this chest sees you, it will become aggressive and lock up, which will prevent you from interacting with it any further.

How To Open Eye Chests?

To open Eye Chests, you will first have to complete the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest, where you obtain Disillusionment.

The spell will allow you to become invisible, making it difficult for the Eye Chest to spot you, causing it to leave its guard down.

You can also use an Invisibility Potion to remain unseen and as long as it cannot see you, it can be opened up to get the Galleons inside.

Eye Chest Loot

Once you get close enough without being spotted by an Eye Chest, you can interact with it to obtain 500 Galleons.

This is quite a big amount, especially if you are just starting in the game, and can be a whole lot more useful for buying things in Hogsmeade

Eye Chests do not drop anything else when opened aside from a fixed 500 Galleons, which go straight to your inventory.

Eyeball Chest Locations

Eyeball chests are not hard to find if you are looking for them as they can easily be soon since they move and have an eye that looks around.

If you use Revelio, the eye chest will be easy to spot and you can begin attempting to open it once you find them.

This section will be updated later with the exact locations of the chests to help you find them better so don’t forget to check with updates.


Eye Chests are a great way for you to obtain Galleons and these can later help you when you need to purchase certain items from shops.

If you have been spotted by an eyeball chest, you will need to move away from it before turning invisible to reset its behavior.

These chests will be highlighted yellow whenever you use Revelio near them, making it easier to locate their exact locations.

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