Professor Sharps Assignment 2: Hogwarts Legacy

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 Hogwarts Legacy

You did very well during the Potions Class and even met Professor Sharp’s expectations with his first assignment but now he has another one for you.

Professor Sharp would like you to test out an Invisibility Potion to see its effects as well as use a Thunderbrew Potion against enemies.

To do this you will first have to get the potions though and while the Invisibility Potion won’t be hard to test, the Thunderbrew Potion may require you to find something to test it on.

How To Get Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2?

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 is obtained shortly after you have completed the first one and is more likely to begin if you hang around the Potions Classroom.

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 WalkthroughUsing Invisibility & Thunderbrew potions on the enemies

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 requires that you have at least 1 Invisibility Potion and 1 Thunderbrew Potion to use, which can be obtained in various ways.

1) Acquire and Use an Invisibility Potion

You can obtain the recipe for an Invisibility Potion from Parry Pippin for 800 Galleons or a single potion can be purchased for 500 Galleons.

To complete testing it, you can use the Invisibility Potion anywhere as this will already can’t but for the Thunderbrew Potion, you will need to have an enemy nearby.

2) Acquire and Use a Thunderbrew Potion Against Enemies

The Thunderbrew Potion Recipe can be obtained from Parry Pippin as well for 1,200 Galleons or you can purchase a bottle for 1,200 galleons.

Once you have a Thunderbrew Potion, you will need to be in close range of an enemy as this will cause lightning to strike around you.

An enemy must be hit by one of the lightning bolts for it to count as testing the Thunderbrew Potions and afterward, you will be ready to head back.

Professor Sharp asks you about the assignment status

3) Return to Professor Sharp

After both potions have been tested and have met the conditions required, you will now need to head back to Professor Sharp in the Potions Classroom.

Once you are in the Potions Classroom, head over to Professor Sharp to speak with him and he will teach you how to use the Diffindo spell.

After learning the Diffindo spell, Professor Sharp will remind you to practice your spells and afterward, the quest will be complete.

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 Rewards

Once you have completed Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2, you will gain 150 XP and will now be able to equip and use Diffindo.

VerdictProfessor Sharp’s Assignment 2 completion

It looks like some of the other potions that Professor Sharp wanted you to learn to use may be very useful in the future.

The Invisibility Potion is a great way to keep out of sight and can be an alternative to casting the Disillusionment spell.

Thunderbrew Potion on the other hand seems to be great for offense and can be quite handy when you are fighting multiple enemies.

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