Hogwarts Legacy Professor Sharps Assignment 1

Professor Sharp's Assignment 1 Hogwarts Legacy

You previously proved yourself during your last Potions Class with Professor Sharp and he decided to give you an assignment.

The assignment he had given you requires that you get your hands on various potions and test them out to see how they work.

While there is more than one way to procure these potions, some may be easier to get while other methods can be better in the long run.

How To Get Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1?

Once you have completed Jackdaw’s Rest quest, you will be able to start Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1.

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 WalkthroughAcquire and use a focus potion

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 involves you obtaining 3 different potions and testing their effects, with two of them needing to be used at the same time.

1) Acquire and Use a Focus Potion

You can buy the Focus Potion Recipe from J. Pippin’s Potions for 1200 Galleons or buy a single bottle for 500 Galleons.

Once you have obtained a Focus Potion by brewing it or purchasing it, you will need to use it to complete this objective.

Brewing a Focus Potion will require that you have Lacewing Flies, Fluxweed Stem, and Dugbog Tongue to make 1 bottle.

You will need to consume the Focus Potion.

2) Acquire Maxima & Edurus Potions and Use them Simultaneously

You will already have purchased the Edurus Potion Recipe in advance when you first replaced your replies and will have one still if you have not used it since Potions Class.

If you do not have an Edurus Potion anymore, you will need to brew another one, which requires Ashwinder Eggs and Mongrel Fur.

The Maxima Potion Recipe will cost 500 Galleons or you can purchase a single bottle for 300 Galleons to get one quickly.

Brewing a Maxima Potion will require Lacewing Flights, Fluxweed Stem, and a Dugbog Tongue.

You will need to consume the Maxima Potion and Edurus Potions to have their effects active at the same time.

Attending Potions Class during the day

3) Attend Potions Class During the Day

Once you have completed all of the tasks that have been given to you, the next step will be to attend a Potions Class.

4) Return to Professor Sharp

After the class has been finished, you will need to go to Professor Sharp to speak with him and he will then teach you how to use Depulso.

Once you have learned to use Depulso, the quest will be complete.

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 Rewards

Completing Professor Sharps Assignment 1 will reward you with 150 XP and you will now be able to use Depulso whenever you want.

Depulso is a useful spell for when you wish to push enemies back a distance, allowing you to create space between you and them.

VerdictProfessor Sharp's Assignment 1 complete

As you continue learning in Potions Class, you will eventually need to brew more potions and even test them out.

While this quest may have cost you some Galleons, you should now be able to brew your potions later in the future.

Now that some of the potions are now familiar to you, you should be ready for another assignment to try out more.

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