Hogwarts Legacy Potions Class Quest

Potions Class main quest Hogwarts Legacy

After you previously attended your Herbology Class, it is now time to put what you benefit from growing plants to good use with brewing potions.

The Potion Class quest serves as a tutorial for brewing some of the various options that will be needed as you progress in the game.

During this quest, you will be able to brew a potion for the first time, specifically the Wiggenweld Potion, which should already be something you are familiar with.

How To Get Potions Class?

Progressing through the game eventually unlocks the Potions Class quest, which follows after you have completed the Herbology Class quest.

Potions Class has a connection to the Herbology Class quest due to its need for some of the ingredients you can obtain for brewing potions through growing plants.

Potions Class Quest WalkthroughCrush Ingredients

The quest starts with Professor Sharp talking about the Wiggenweld Potion and shortly after, you will do a minigame to craft one.

1) Crush Ingredients

You will first start by crushing the ingredients that you have, which can be done once you are prompted to perform a circular motion.

2) A Pinch of Dittany

Next, you will need to put a pinch of Dittany, which can be done through the minigame by tapping the key/button that appears.

3) Add Horklump Juice

This step is similar to the previous one and you will simply need to press the key/button that appears to add a few drops of Horklump Juice to the brew, which needs to be done twice.

4) Stir Cauldron

To stir the cauldron, you will need to perform another circular motion but this time it will be in reverse, which will cause your character to start finishing up the brew.

Collect Ingredients

5) Collect Ingredients

After you have shown Professor Sharp your Wiggenweld Potion in a cutscene he will give you the task of brewing an Edurus Potion.

There will be ingredients in his office, which he has permitted you to obtain to create the potion but along the way, someone has a request for you.

As you go near the office, Amit Thakkar will request that you help him obtain a Fwooper Feather as he is brewing something else. (Optional)

Once you proceed to the office, you will need to obtain the following:

  • Collect Ashwinder Eggs
  • Collect Dark Mongrel Fur
  • Get a Fwooper Feather for Gareth (if you agreed to help)

6) Return to Garreth with the Fwooper Feather (Optional)

You will only have this objective if you agreed to help Gareth and if you have obtained the Fwooper Feather from the office.

Proceed by heading towards Gareth and speak with him and you will end up giving him the feather for whatever he is planning to brew.

7) Brew an Edurus Potions

Once you have the ingredients, proceed by heading towards the Potions Station and this will now unlock the ability to use it.

Interact with the Potions Station to open up its menu and select the Edurus Potion to begin brewing it at the station.

The potion will take only 30 seconds to brew and afterward, you will need to claim it by pressing the pick up key/button.

If you had helped Gareth, he will start having problems with what he is brewing, and Professor Sharp will mention that whoever helped will have to answer to him.

8) Return to Professor Sharp

Head back over to Professor Sharp and speak with him, which begins a cutscene where you report your success with the potion.

If you helped Gareth, Professor Sharp will bring up the issue of what happened but you can apologize and he will take it as being responsible.

Professor Sharp will admit that you had done well during the class and shortly after the cutscene he will dismiss the class and the quest will be complete.

Potions Class Rewards

Once the Potions Class quest has been completed, you will earn 260 XP and will now have the ability to brew potions at any available Potions Station.

VerdictPotions Class main quest complete

Your use of the Wiggenweld Potion can now be done more often since you know how to brew it now and other potions as well.

Trying to be friendly may have gotten you in trouble but Professor Sharp does respect a person who can take responsibility for your actions and is quite impressed with your performance.

From now on, you will be able to craft the potions that you need as long as you have all of the ingredients required to make them.

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