Hogwarts Legacy The Girl from Uagadou Quest

The Girl from Uagadou main quest Hogwarts Legacy

With everything that has been going on following your arrival at Hogwarts, it appears that your actions have not gone unnoticed.

One of your friends known as Natty Onai wishes to speak with you and has left you a letter requesting that you meet up with her.

Once you decide to follow this quest, you will need to leave Hogwarts to meet up with Natty at Lower Hogsfield.

How To Get The Girl from Uagadou?

The Girl from Uagadou is one of the quests that become available after you have completed the Tomes and Tribulations quest.

It starts after you receive a letter from Natty, where she asks for your help and wishes to meet with you at Lower Hogsfield.

The Girl from Uagadou Quest WalkthroughMeeting Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield

Meet Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield

You can start the quest at any time by heading over to Lower Hogsfield which can be reached faster if you fast travel to the South Wing and follow the waypoint.

Once you reach Natty’s location, you will need to approach and speak with her about a cutscene where she later talks about Rookwood and Harlow being a threat.

She speaks of how she was inspired by what had happened and now wishes to also take a stand against them.

The quest does not go on for long and she ends the chat by telling you she will reach out to you after further investigating.

Before the quest ends, there will be a ruckus coming from afar and someone will be in trouble, which leads you to another quest right after The Girl from Uagadou.

The Girl from Uagadou Rewards

After speaking with Natty the quest will come to an end and there will be no rewards but it looks like Natty is now officially on your side with whatever happens in the future.

VerdictThe Girl from Uagadou main quest complete

Fighting off enemies and escaping danger has put you in a lot of spotlights as you are now the talk amongst a lot of people at the school.

Natty has noticed some of the things that have been happening and has decided to also take a stand for what she believes is right, claiming to be there for you when you need her.

Shortly after your chat with Natty, it seems like there is trouble nearby and just as the quest ends, it looks like you are close enough to check it out.

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