Flight Test Quest: Hogwarts Legacy

Flight Test side quest Hogwarts Legacy

After you previously completed flight training with Madam Kogawa during your Flying Class, you decide to head over to Spintwitches to get your very own broom.

Since you already know how to fly, getting your broom would be good for traveling outside of Flying Class and this can come in handy a lot.

The Spintwitches are now open and run by Albie Weekes and it’s time you head over there to see what you can buy from him.

How To Get Flight Test Quest?

The Flight Test side quest becomes available once you have completed the Flying Class quest and have visited Hogsmeade after.

Flight Test Quest WalkthroughTalk to Albie Weekes and purchase any broom

1) Purchase a Broom at Spintwitches

Spintwitches will be marked on your map and you can track the side quest to find it easy to speak with Albie Weekes.

You will need to talk to Albie Weekes and purchase any broom from him, which will afterward start a cutscene.

2) Speak with Imelda Reyes at the Quidditch Pitch

Albie Weekes will offer you an opportunity to upgrade your broom in the future if you perform some flight tests for him.

He explains that he would like you to test out the broom and later report to him so that he will able to know what he can do to improve them.

You will then need to go speak with Imelda Reyes who is marked on your map and can be found at the Quidditch pitch.

From this point, you can fly over to her location or fast travel to the closest Floo Flame to get there faster and continue from there.

Once you find Imelda Reyes, approach and speak to her to begin a cutscene which later leads to you having to beat her record in flying.

Place the Quidditch pitch Broom Trial

3) Place the Quidditch Pitch Broom Trial

After speaking and challenging Imelda Reyes, you will be starting a Broom Trial where you will need to earn a place in the trial.

This means that you need to finish the course while also having a better time than Imelda Reyes, which should not be hard to do.

You will need to fly through the rings in the area and should make use of the Speed Burst to improve your time even more.

After completing the trial and getting a decent time, a cutscene will begin where Imelda Reyes is still not convinced and decides to challenge you in the future.

4) Return to Albie Weekes

Head back to Albie Weekes and speak with him, which starts cutscenes where you report your progress and he tells you he will contact you sometime later.

This is a sign that he will take in the report you have given and might mean he will come up with future upgrades for your broom, which later ends with the quest being complete.

Flight Test Rewards

Completing this quest will allow you to now fly around almost anywhere as long as flying is permitted as you now have your very own broom.

Aside from now having a broom of your own, you will gain 180 XP for completing the quest and will be able to upgrade it later.

VerdictFlight Test side quest completion

It looks like now you have your very own broom and can now get around easier than before but there are still ways to improve it.

Now that Albie Weekes knows what the issues are with the brooms, he can later offer upgrades that will improve their performance.

It turns out that Imelda Reyes is quite competitive and you may later challenge her again to show her your flying skills.

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