Venomous Valour Quest: Hogwarts Legacy

Venomous Valour side quest Hogwarts Legacy

One of the students named Duncan Hobhouse appears to be having trouble and some of the students are mocking him for being afraid of Puffskeins.

Duncan Hobhouse is trying to fix his reputation and has learned about a secret in the Hidden Herbology Corridor that may prove his bravery.

Since Duncan Hobhouse cannot make it into the Hidden Herbology Corridor, he requests your help in obtaining proof for him.

How To Get Venomous Valour?

Venomous Valour is a side quest that can be started during the earlier parts of the game by speaking to Duncan Hobhouse.

You can find Duncan Hobhouse located at the very bottom of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower near the stairs.

Venomous Valour Quest WalkthroughTalking with Duncan Hobhouse, he explains his situation

1) Talk to Duncan Hobhouse

Once you find Duncan Hobhouse, you will need to talk to him and he will explain his situation and tell you that he needs you to get something for him.

This will be used as proof to make people believe that he is not a coward but you will need to get it, which can be done in what he claims to be the Hidden Herbology Corridor.

Entering hidden Herbology Corridor

2) Find and Enter the Hidden Herbology Corridor

A waypoint will mark a hidden entrance that is covered in vines and you can destroy them by casting Incendio, which will reveal a door.

Once the vines have been cleared out, you will need to enter the door which will take you to the Hidden Herbology Corridor.

3) Obtain Proof for Duncan

The Hidden Herbology Corridor will be dark and Devil’s Snare, a type of living plant, will be present and will attack you.

To keep yourself safe, you can cast Incendio to temporarily burn them but using Lumos is a better option as they are kept away from the light.

There will also be torches in the area that you can cast Incendio on, which will provide the light that repels the Devil’s Snare.

Interacting with Giant Venomous Tentacula

4) Collect a Giant Venomous Tentacula Leaf

Once you reach the waypoint, you will find an oversized plant called the Giant Venomous Tentacula, a larger version of the original plant.

You will need to approach the plant and interact with it to take a Giant Venomous Tentacula Leaf, which will need to be brought back to Duncan.

Do not worry as this plant will not react in any way and you will not have to do any fighting during this side quest.

5) Return to Duncan

After you have taken the leaf, make your way back to Duncan by following the waypoint which leads you through a trapdoor.

The trapdoor will lead to the Herbology Classroom and you can make your way toward Duncan from there and speak with him.

Duncan will be surprised with the specimen that you have obtained and will thank you for your help, claiming to be forever in your debt.

Venomous Valour Rewards

Upon returning to Duncan with the Venomous Tentacula Leaf and speaking to him, you will be rewarded with 180 XP and will unlock the Venomous Tentacula Robe appearance.

VerdictVenomous Valour side quest completed

Being bullied for your fears is something no one wants to experience and you were kind enough to help Duncan out with this.

He does seem to be intelligent but may need a bit of time to get his courage going but thanks to you the teasing may stop.

For your efforts, Duncan was happy enough to give you a rare collectible that you can now use to change your appearance.

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