Hogwarts Legacy Defense Against The Dark Arts Class

Defense Against the Dark Arts Class Main Quest Hogwarts Legacy

Following the Welcome To Hogwarts Quest, you will be attending the Defense Against The Dark Arts Class as one of your requirements in the school.

Hogwarts has a veteran Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher known as Professor Hecat, who will make things interesting during the lesson.

During this quest, you will learn to use Levioso, which becomes handy later on when you are facing enemies who are difficult to beat.

How To Get Defense Against The Dark Arts Class Quest?

Defense Against The Dark Arts Class quest is a quest that you obtain after finishing the Welcome To Hogwarts Quest.

This quest is obtained alongside the Charms Class quest and can be done before or after it as both classes are needed for you to advance.

Defense Against The Dark Arts Class Quest Walkthroughcasting Leviosa on the training dummy

The quest starts with the students goofing off with a duel at the beginning of the quest before Professor Hecat walks in on them.

During the beginning of the quest, you will be learning the Levioso spell, which had been early displayed during The Path To Hogwarts quest.

1) Perform a Basic Cast on the Training Dummy

Professor Hecat will rearrange the room and start an exercise where you will face off against a training dummy to test out your new spell.

This objective requires that you test Basic Cast on the Training Dummy, which is blocked by a barrier surrounding it.

2) Cast Levioso on the Training Dummy Followed by Basic Cast

Now that the barrier around the dummy has proven it can’t be hit, you will now need to cast Levioso before attacking it.

At this point, Levioso will appear as one of your spells and you will need to cast it on the Training Dummy during the exercise.

The Training Dummy will be lifted and afterward, it will be vulnerable now to your Basic Cast to test out if you understood.

Using Leviosa against Sebastian Sallow

3) Duel Against Sebastian

It’s time to use Levioso in actual combat and Professor Hecat calls you along with another student named Sebastian Sallow to a duel.

You will only be able to use Basic Cast, Protega, and Levioso during the duel with Sebastian Sallow until one of you loses.

Sebastian Sallow will attack you with basic attacks, which requires you to wait for the right moment to catch him off guard.

The technique here will be to cast Levioso on Sebastian Sallow and continue blasting him with Basic Casts until he loses by falling off the edge.

A cutscene will begin after the duel with Sebastian where you will speak with Professor Hecate about your abilities.

4) Speak With Sebastian

Once you have finished speaking to Professor Hecate, head over to Sebastian and speak with him about the match.

After the conversation with Sebastian Sallow, the quest will be complete.

Defense Against The Dark Arts Class Rewards

Completing, Defense Against The Dark Arts Class will permanently unlock the Levioso ability, which allows you to cause enemies to levitate and provide you with 260 XP.

This can be used later when enemies are hard to attack and will allow you to make them vulnerable to your attacks for a short time.

VerdictDefense Against the Dark Arts Class quest complete

It looks like your combat skills are still sharp and you have made quite the impression during the Defense Against The Dark Arts Class.

Your duel with Sebastian Sallow showed a lot of prowess and he seemed to take an interest in your performance in combat.

Now that you have the Levioso ability, you can now get the upper hand when it comes to fighting enemies by lifting them into the air.

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