Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Quest

Charms Class main quest Hogwarts Legacy

You previously were given a tour around the school by one of your professors and now that you have gotten to know the place more, it’s time for classes.

One of your classes is Charms Class, where you will be learning a new spell that will come in handy when facing enemies that are tougher to battle.

During this quest, you learn how to use the Accio spell, which is a big help later on when it comes to grabbing things that are out of your reach.

How To Get Charms Class Quest?

Charms Class is one of the quests that are unlocked after you have finished the Welcome To Hogwarts quest and is available alongside Defense Against the Dark Arts Class quest.

This is one of the quests you can choose after you have completed Welcome To Hogwarts as they become the first quests you can track using your Wizard’s Field Guide.

Charms Class Quest Walkthrough

The quest starts with a cutscene and prompts you later to learn the Accio Charm via a minigame before the class is brought outside for an exercise.

Professor Ronen, the instructor, has designed a small competition using large spheres which need to be pulled using Accio to reach certain parts of the floor.

Different parts of the floor are colored and represent points that are greater as they come closer to the edge.

Using Accio spell on the Sphere

1) Use Accio on Spheres

You will be instructed by Professor Ronen to use Accio to pull the sphere as far as possible but should also avoid causing it to fall off the floor.

2) Compete With Natsai

Professor Ronen will decide that it’s time to make things more challenging and hold a competition between you and Natsai.

The goal here is to gain more points than Natsai after pulling 3 of the spheres towards you and she will do an excellent job at it as well.

There is no need to worry as the outcome does not affect the story in any way and you will continue with the quest even if you lose.

3) Compete With Natsai Again

Once again you will need to repeat the task of pulling spheres towards you but this time, to make things interesting, Professor Ronen has decided to add a challenge.

There will be cubes that move back and forth near the center of the floor, which can block the spheres and this makes it important to practice your timing.

You will need to pull the spheres towards you once more while competing with Natsai to have a higher score.

Just like with the previous challenge, the outcome will not change the story in any way and this is simply a basic tutorial on how to use Accio.

Charms Class Rewards

After completing the Charms Class quest, you will be rewarded with 260 XP and will have unlocked the Accio Charm, allowing you to cast it whenever you like.

VerdictCharms Class quest complete

It turns out that Natsai is one of the best students in the class and has been practicing hard, which may have been noticeable during the challenge.

Professor Ronen is impressed with your performance and will have additional assignments for you to help you catch up with your classes.

Now that you have the Accio Charm learned, this can come in handy whenever you are in certain situations where objects may be out of your reach.

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