Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands Round 1 Quest

Crossed Wands Round 1 Hogwarts Legacy

After previously learning how to use Levioso during the Defense Against The Dark Arts Class quest, you were invited by Sebastian Sallow.

The end of your duel with Sebastian Sallow had impressed him and he has invited you to join a secret dueling club known as the Crossed Wands.

You will first need to head to their club location and speak with the person running it to begin joining their activities.

How To Get Crossed Wands Round 1 Side Quest?

Crossed Wands Round 1 is obtained after you have completed Defense Against The Dark Arts Class quest after speaking with Sebastian Sallow.

This is started after Sebastian Sallow invites you to join the club, where once you agree to join, you will need to head over to where the activities are being held.

Crossed Wands Round 1 Quest WalkthroughTalking with Lucan Brattleby

1) Talk to Lucan Brattleby

Once you have obtained this quest by agreeing to join the Crossed Wands club, Sebastian will have told you to seek out Lucan Brattleby.

Lucan Brattleby can be found in the South Wing of Hogwarts and you may track him to begin locating where the club is.

By speaking to Lucan Brattleby, you will be able to participate in a 2v2 duel where you will be partnered with Sebastian Sallow.

2) Defeat Your Opponents

Defeating the Opponents

After speaking with Lucan Brattleby, you can start your first duel which will be held against 2 other Hogwarts students.

In our match, we were lined up against Astoria Crickett and Lawrence Davies but just before the match began there was a quick tutorial about the duel.

Once you have closed the tutorial, you will be set to fight against both of them alongside Sebastian Sallow, who does a good job during the duel.

Both players will attempt to attack you or Sebastian and will have shields that you can remove using Levioso.

Once both of the students have been defeated, the match will be finished and a dialogue with Lucas Brattleby will begin.

Lucan Brattleby will explain more about the Crossed Wands duels and mentions a prize for the champion before the side quest is finished.

Crossed Wands Round 1 Side Quest Rewards

Completing the Crossed Wands Round 1 Side Quest will reward you with 180 XP and you will, later on, be able to continue to the other rounds when available.

VerdictCrossed Wands Round 1 quest complete

This will have been your very first duel in Hogwarts and to put things a bit on the sneaky side it was a secret one as the school is not too keen on it.

You will now be able to participate in the next Crossed Wands duel when it is available but you will have to bring someone with you.

It looks like aside from having fun with dueling other members of the school, there will also be a prize for the champion.

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