A Demanding Delivery Quest: Hogwarts Legacy

A Demanding Delivery side quest Hogwarts Legacy

While you were up and about completing your Flying Class, it looks like Parry Pippins requires some help with one of his deliveries.

Being as things are, he won’t be able to make a delivery to a certain buyer and is offering a reward for helping him out.

Now that you have unlocked the ability to use a broom, this can prove to be quite an easy task for you, unless the buyer gives you a hard time.

How To Get A Demanding Delivery?

A Demanding Delivery side quest will start once you have completed the Flying Class quest and appears right after it.

This prompts you to go to Parry Pippins but the Flight Test side quest appears, which you should do first to get a broom to do this side quest quickly.

A Demanding Delivery Quest WalkthroughSpeaking to Parry Pippins

Before doing this side quest, we recommend completing the Flight Test side quest to get a broom so you can easily make the delivery.

1) Speak to Parry Pippins

Once you have the side quest, you will need to head over to J. Pippin’s Potions and speak to Parry Pippins who is inside.

You will need to select the option that mentions the delivery and he will tell you about a delivery that needs to be made to a certain woman named Fatimah in exchange for the delivery fee.

2) Deliver 3 Invisibility Potions to Fatimah Lawang

After speaking to Parry Pippins, you will need to head to Keenbridge, which is south of Hogwarts and Hogsfield.

Since Keenbridge is a bit far from where you are, it is best if you have previously completed the Flight Test side quest so you can fly there with a broom.

Once you reach Keenbridge, head over to Fatimah Lawang and speak to her, which you can do by interacting with her at a stall.

Drinking an Invisibility Potion

3) Drink an Invisibility Potion

While speaking to Fatimah Lawang, she will have doubts about Parry Pippin’s potions and will want proof that it works.

You will need to drink one of the Invisibility Potions in front of her to prove they work, which you can do by selecting it and using it.

4) Give 3 Invisibility Potions to Fatimah

After you have drunk one of the potions, speak to Fatimah again and this will start the cutscene where you discuss the potions more.

Fatimah will accept the potions and afterward, you will need to head back to Parry Pippins to tell him the delivery was a success.

5) Return to Parry Pippin

Now that Fatimah has the potions, you will need to head back to Parry Pippin by fast traveling or flying back using your broom.

You will then need to speak to him in the store and he will thank you for your help during a cutscene, which later ends and the mission will be complete.

A Demanding Delivery Rewards

Once you have completed A Demanding Delivery, you will be rewarded with 180 XP and Parry Pippin’s will give you 300 Galleons.

VerdictA Demanding Delivery side quest completion

Parry Pippins seems to have a good and bad reputation for his potions as his products are purchased by people from distant places such as Keenbridge.

While Fatimah Lawang had doubts about the Invisibility Potions, you were able to help out by proving they were not fake products.

While Keenbridge may have been a little too far for most to go on by foot, it’s a good thing you were able to learn how to fly early on before helping Parry Pippin.

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