Welcome to Hogwarts Quest: Hogwarts Legacy

Welcome To Hogwarts Quest

After having a rough encounter and barely escaping with your life, you finally arrived at Hogwarts and were sorted into one of the four school houses.

It is your first day at Hogwarts and time to get familiar with the premises, starting with going around and meeting new people.

During this quest, you will be exploring Hogwarts and will be able to learn about some of the functions you can use during the game.

How To Get Welcome to Hogwarts?

Welcome to Hogwarts quest starts right after The Path to Hogwarts quest, continuing to you having your first day in the school.

This quest begins after you have chosen your house and after a cutscene where you speak with Professor Weasley ends.

Welcome to Hogwarts Quest Walkthrough

1) Find Your Common Room

You will begin by waking up in bed and will need to follow the waypoint that leads you to the common room, where other students will be.

2) Introduce Yourself to Students

The following objective requires you to speak to 3 different students while you are in the common room and these students are:

  • Cressida
  • Garreth
  • Nellie

Speaking to each of these students begins a cutscene where there is some dialogue from your part included.

3) Meet Professor Weasley Outside the Common Room

Head over to the waypoint in the next room to speak with Professor Weasley, who will give you a quick tutorial on how to get started.

This will unlock the Wizard’s Field Guide that you will be using often which includes your level, map, gear, quests, settings, collections, and more.

4) Follow Professor Weasley

After closing the menu, you will need to follow Professor Weasley who will bring you to part of the school.

She will stop to give you a tutorial on how to Fast Travel around the school via Floo Flames, which will come in handy later.

During the tutorial, you will need to use the Floo Flames to teleport to Central Hall, where Professor Weasley will continue her tour.

Professor Weasley will walk down the stairs in the hall and a cutscene will begin that includes some dialogue, which later on completes the quest.

Welcome to Hogwarts Rewards

After the quest has been completed, you will be able to now use several features in the game, such as the Wizards Field Guide and fast traveling.

Completing this quest will unlock the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class quest and the Charms Class quest.


It looks like your first day at Hogwarts was not bad at all as you made some friends and learned a lot of new things.

With everything that has been unlocked, you will soon start to easily get your way around the school and eventually become a powerful witch/wizard.

Now that you have gotten a bit familiar with the school, it looks like you will be needed to attend some of the classes that are being held.

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