The Path to Hogwarts Quest: Hogwarts Legacy

The Path to Hogwarts Quest

As you first start the game, you are picked up by Professor Fig, your mentor who you have spent time and have trained.

Your destination is Hogwarts as you are going there to begin learning but things take a quick turn from a safe journey to a dangerous one.

Now that the two of you have survived a dangerous encounter, the path to Hogwarts remains and you need to find your way out of wherever Portkey has brought you.

How To Get The Path to Hogwarts?

The Path to Hogwarts is the first quest you will get in the game and begins right after you have finished making your character.

It begins right after the starting cutscene where you were recently attacked on your way to Hogwarts by a dragon.

The Path to Hogwarts Quest WalkthroughDestroying the Magic Barrier in Hogwarts Legacy

1) Follow Professor Fig

After a dangerous encounter, you will need to follow Professor Fig as you explore the area to figure out where you have been taken.

As you are looking around the area, you will come across a magic barrier that is unnaturally placed and blocking the way.

2) Destroy the Magic Barrier

After being instructed by Professor Fig, you will need to use Basic Cast (unlocked at this point) to destroy the Magic Barrier.

During this objective, you will learn how to use Basic Cast and get tips on how it is aimed at enemies for later when you are in combat.

3) Follow Professor Fig

Once the Magic Barrier is destroyed, you will need to continue following Professor Fig as the two of you make your way along the path.

Eventually, you will come towards some ruins and will need to look around for anything that could give a clue about where you are.

4) Explore the Ruins

At this point you may start by interacting with different parts of the area but to proceed, you simply need to head towards the left to get to the waypoint.

You will arrive at a strange magical wall, which shows the other end of what appears to be a Goblin Bank, and will call Professor Fig.

Interacting with magic in Hogwarts Legacy

5) Interact with Magic

Since you are the only one who can see the magic, Professor Fig will be waiting for you to find out what happens when you interact with the wall.

Approach it and proceed with investigating it to continue, which teleports you and Professor Fig into the Goblin Bank.

6) Wake the Goblin

There will be a sleeping Goblin at the front desk and you will need to approach and investigate to start a cutscene.

This will continue with the Goblin taking you through a long ride going towards Vault 12 within the bank where the Portkey which the Portkey is meant to open.

7) Follow Professor Fig

After the ride comes to an end, you will be at Vault 12 and will need to follow Professor Fig, who is being led by the Goblin.

A cutscene will begin where the Goblin opens the vault and later seals you and Professor Fig inside, leaving you to explore the area.

8) Learn Revelio

After being led to a dead end, Professor Fig instructs you to use Revelio, which you first need to learn via a minigame.

9) Cast Revelio

Once you can start casting Revelio, you will need to cast it where you are currently standing, which reveals a bit at the end.

You will have to move closer to the dead end and cast Revelio once more to reveal a door with a magic symbol.

10) Proceed into the Vault

Approach the door with the magic symbol and interact with it and you will be teleported into a dark hall, where Professor Fig casts Lumos.

11) Stay Close to Professor Fig

Professor Fig will lead the way and you will need to closely follow him until you reach glowing magic on the floor.

12) Interact with Magic

You will need to approach the glowing magic and investigate it to interact and this will cause the room to become revealed.

13) Determine How to Proceed

Once the room has been revealed, you will need to learn Lumos just as you did with Revelio and this will allow you to shine light from your wand.

The room will have a statue kneeling and a reflection that follows whoever is holding a light, which requires you to align them by walking around.

Discovering the statue’s secret in Hogwarts Legacy

14) Discover the Statue’s Secret

Cast Lumos and move to the left so that the two statues are aligned, and this will cause more statues to appear and come to life.

15) Protego Incoming Enemy Attacks (3 times)

When the statues come to life, you will be attacked and will need to protect yourself with Protego, your defense spell.

This does not require learning and can already be used, which you will need to do 3 times to successfully block 3 attacks.

16) Destroy Statues with Basic Cast

Now that you have mastered defending yourself, it’s time for you to fight back and this can be done by using your primary attack (Basic Cast) to fight the statues.

You will need to destroy all the statues that are attacking (with the help of Professor Fig) to proceed.

17) Stay Close to Professor Fig

Professor Fig will tell you to stay close to him and after a short duration, the area will go dark and he will no longer be around you.

18) Find Professor Fig

Use Lumos to gain vision in the area and there will be Wisps of Magic showing you the way, requiring that you follow them.

19) Interact with Magic

You will reach another glowing area on the ground and will need to investigate it to continue, but this reveals 3 more statues kneeling in the area.

20) Activate the Statues

Just like you did a while ago, you will need to activate the statues by first casting Revelio, which will reveal the reflections.

You will then need to cast Lumos to make the statues follow you and head back to make all of them align with their reflections.

This causes more statues to appear that will attack you and this time, you will need to fight them on your own without the professor.

21) Destroy Statues with Basic Cast

As the statues attempt to attack, you will need to defend yourself and attack back until you have destroyed some of the statues.

22) Protego to Stupefy Counter

After defeating some of the statues, you will now need to learn how to stun enemies with Stupefy which can be done by holding Protego after blocking an attack.

This will need to be done 3 times before you can proceed with defeating the rest of the statues that attack after.

23) Destroy Statues with Basic Cast

After learning to counter enemies, you will need to defeat the rest of the statues using any means available to you.

We suggest during this part to make use of Protego to avoid taking damage and countering enemies to make them take more damage when stunned.

24) Find Professor Fig

The area will go dark again, and you will need to use Lumos to find your way out but luckily, the Wisps of Magic appear again.

Follow the Wisps of Magic and you will be led to another glowing part on the floor and will need to interact with it to continue.

This brings you into another room and Professor Fig will arrive shortly during a cutscene where you meet Ranrok and escape.

After escaping you will finally arrive at Hogwarts where the Sorting Ceremony is being held, in which you participate.

The Path to Hogwarts Rewards

During this quest, you will learn some of the basic spells such as Revelio and Lumos, which you can now cast freely.

Completing The Path to Hogwarts will start the Welcome to Hogwarts quest after the cutscene and Sorting Ceremony have finished.


Things did not go smoothly as you expected since you were attacked on your way to Hogwarts but a few things were learned in the process.

It looks like the news of the dangerous Goblin known as Ranrok were true and you have just got caught up in the middle of everything.

Now that you have finally made it to Hogwarts, it looks like it’s time for you to get sorted into one of the different houses in the school.

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