How To Stun Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

Protego Incoming Enemy Attacks in Hogwarts Legacy

Combat can get really intense in Hogwarts Legacy and when you are facing a strong enemy or multiple ones, you will need to get a window of opportunity.

Luckily, the Stupefy spell is castable and you can do so in a certain manner rather than simply casting it from one of your quick cast slots.

This can be done when you are defending yourself, which allows you to leave enemies open to take more damage.

How To Stun Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy?

Stunning enemies in Hogwarts Legacy is done by counter attacking them with Stupefy, which can be followed up after using Protego.

By blocking an attack with Protego, you can push for the offensive by casting Stupefy, which renders the enemy helpless for some time.

Enemies who are stunned will take extra damage from your attacks, which are indicated by gold numbers.

1) How To Use Protego

Using Protego Spell to stun enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

Protego is the Shield Charm or simply referred to as the shield spell, which creates a barrier around your character to block an attack.

This can also be used as a way to parry an attack and you can cast it just at the right moment when an orange circle appears in front of your character, which indicates the timing.

You can cast Protego using its default key “Q” to protect yourself for a short amount of time and can even follow up with a counterattack.

2) How To Use Stupefy

Using Stupefy Spell to stun enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

Stupefy is known as the Stunning Spell or the Stupefying Charm which is used to incapacitate enemies for a short duration.

This is not cast normally and is mainly cast after you have performed Protego to protect yourself from an enemy’s attack.

To cast Stupefy, you will need to first block an attack with Protego and continue holding the key to follow up to stun an enemy.

Timing Your Attacks

With the ability to counterattack enemies with a stun, you can take the window of opportunity to do two things that can change what happens in a battle.

You can either create space between you and an enemy or take advantage and attack them while they are knocked down.

Depending on who you are fighting or how many enemies are present, it is best to create distance and continue attacking your enemy from afar.


With the ability to protect yourself and counter enemy attacks, you can capitalize on a lot of tough situations that can determine a win or loss in battle.

Protego has a short cooldown and you can cast it often, which allows you to decide whether you will follow up with a counter attack or not.

Aside from being able to protect yourself and stun enemies, you can make use of the roll move to distance yourself to make it harder for your enemies to attack you.

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