Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat Quiz (Choosing House)

Hogwarts Legacy follows the same school scenario as it does in the books and movies, which means that eventually you will be placed in one of the four school houses.

If you are wondering how things will play out, you should not struggle as you will be able to pick your own house from the very start.

You will be able to do this as you start the game and reach the end of the first quest, which is part of the game’s introduction.

How To Get Sorted?

To get sorted, you will need to complete The Path To Hogwarts quest and at the end, you will arrive at the school just in time for the Sorting Ceremony, where you will take the house test.

The cutscene will play until you reach the point where there is a dialogue between you and the sorting hat, which allows you to choose answers.

The answers will determine which house you are placed in, but in the end, you will still be able to pick your house regardless of what is suggested.

Sorting Hat Questions and Answers in Hogwarts Legacy

Each house is described by certain words that relate to a person’s behavior and to get the school, you will need to pick out certain answers.

The sorting quiz questions will always be the same starting with the hat saying, “You come here with preferences and preconceptions – certain expectations.”

The following answers do not have any effect on the school house you will be placed in but are the following:

  • “I can’t wait to start classes.”
  • “I can’t wait to explore.”

Following the first dialogue, the Sorting Hat will then ask what the certain sense in you is, which will allow you to pick one of the following answers:

  • “Daring.”
  • “Curiosity.”
  • “Loyalty.”
  • “Ambition.”

1) How To Get Gryffindor

Gryffindor is described as having a behavior that is known for daring, bravery, and chivalry and can be obtained by answering with “Daring.”

2) How To Get Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff describes its characters as those who are known for patience, loyalty, and hard work and can be chosen by answering with “Loyalty.”

3) How To Get Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw can be a bit tricky but eventually, you should be able to determine its description of being known for intelligence, and creativity, and is a hint of “Curiosity.”

4) How To Get Slytherin

Slytherin is a popular pick as many players wonder how they can get Slytherin and this can be done by answering with “Ambition.”

How To Choose House?Choosing house in Hogwarts Legacy

By answering the question with one of the keywords, you will be able to pick which house you want to be placed in.

If you do not like the choice that the Sorting Hat has given you, you will be prompted to select your house by choosing back.

This will show the four houses and you can select the one you want to continue with from there, allowing you to choose a specific house.

Best House in Hogwarts Legacy

Choosing a house is more of a comfort in the game and will only affect the cosmetics, your house common rooms, house robes and some of the dialogue in the game.

From there on you can do as you like with your player and eventually play the game and enjoy the story as is.

The ending however in the game will depend on the things you do and the path you choose as you progress through the story.

House Difference

There are not many differences when it comes to choosing your house and you will still be able to experience the story the way it was meant to be.

The house you choose will simply affect your appearance and a few minor things but these do not have an impact on the story.

You will notice changes in appearance but the characters you meet and quests you do will all still mostly be the same.


Most players will likely pick Gryffindor because it is the house of the famous Harry Potter in the books and movies while others may go for Slytherin if they feel a little on the dark side.

If you have been up to date with Fantastic Beasts, you might be aiming for Hufflepuff thanks to Newt Scamander the Magizoologist.

You may have already thought of which house you want to be put in and do not need to worry as you can pick whichever one you like without consequences.

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