Destiny 2 Final Dawn Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Final Dawn (Seasonal Quest) Season of the Seraph

After witnessing an emergency briefing and later speaking to Rasputin, it has come to everyone’s attention that Eramis has plans to fire the Warsats at The Traveler.

This could mean peril for everyone, which leaves it up to the Vanguard to stop her before she can achieve her goal.

Rasputin has come up with a plan that will be able to stop Eramis but this does come with losses, which Ana Bray will not be too happy about.

How to Get Final Dawn Quest?

Final Dawn quest is obtained once you speak to the Exo Frame after you have witnessed the Emergency Briefing between Ana Bray and Rasputin.

After Ana Bray has spoken to Rasputin, you will need to speak with the Exo Frame to obtain this quest.

The Emergency Briefing appeared as an objective near the end of The Season of the Seraph.

Final Dawn Quest StepsFinal Dawn (Seasonal Quest) Info


Rasputin has decided to sacrifice himself to stop Eramis from firing the Warsats but will need your help, which requires you to complete the Abhorrent Imperative mission.

The mission becomes available once you have accessed the Final Dawn quest and can be accessed at the H.E.L.M. destination.

  • Complete Abhorrent Imperative

Abhorrent Imperative is an alternate version of Operation: Seraph’s Shield where you simply need to enter through the hangar and fight bosses.

Step 2: Speak with Zaval in the Tower

After partaking in the Abhorrent Imperative mission, Zavala is now requesting your presence at the Tower.

  • Speak with Commander Zavala

Step 3: Meet with Ikora in the Tower

Ikora has learned about what has happened and is waiting for you at the Bazaar as she would like to speak with you.

  • Speak with Ikora Rey

Step 4: Speak to Ana Bray at the Holoprojector in the H.E.L.M.

Ana Bray would like to have a word with you and is waiting for you to receive her message, which can be accessed at the Holoprojector in the H.E.L.M.

  • Receive Holoprojector Message

Step 5: Receive Rasputin’s Final Message

It appears that Rasputin left a message for you in advance before his demise, which can be accessed from the Exo Frame.

  • Speak with the Exo Frame

Final Dawn Rewards

Completing the Final Dawn quest will reward you with an Ascendant Shard as well as the Spirit of the Warmind ship.


Eramis was eager to get rid of The Traveler for various reasons and this could have meant doom for everyone on Earth.

Thanks to your efforts as well as Rasputin’s sacrifice, The Traveler still exists but this is not the end as something else happened.

The Traveler stopped in its tracks as it appears a more dangerous threat has arrived, which means there is a lot more coming soon.

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