Destiny 2 Abhorrent Imperative Mission Walkthrough


Destiny 2 Abhorrent Imperative Mission

  • Mission Type: Season of the Seraph
  • Mission Location: Seraph Station, Geosynchronous Orbit

It has recently been discovered that Eramis is pushing through with plans to destroy The Traveler using the Warsat Stations.

Rasputin has made his last efforts to sacrifice himself to activate a self-destruct sequence to prevent this from happening.

In order for Rasputin to upload himself, you will need to press the attack against Eramis’ forces to give him time.

How To Get Abhorrent Imperative?

Abhorrent Imperative is a mission that is obtained once you begin the Final Dawn quest, which is obtained later in the Season of the Seraph.

After following the Emergency Briefing prompt, the Final Dawn quest will be available which requires you to complete this mission for step 1.

Abhorrent Imperative Mission ObjectivesAbhorrent Imperative mission regenerating encryption keys

1) Find an Entrance

You will be starting in the Geosynchronous Orbit just under Seraph Station and will need to jump across the platforms.

Continue making your way to the end and follow the path to the left side of where you first began the mission to jump across more platforms on the side.

2) Avoid Bombardment

Once you are on the side platforms, you will need to continue making your way forward until you reach the hangar.

While making your way to the hangar, you will need to avoid beams that are marking where projectiles will hit, which can send you flying.

Abhorrent Imperative safely protocols disengaged

3) Defeat Eramis, Kell of Darkness

Upon arriving at the hangar, Eramis will be present and will begin to attack you alongside Fallen enemies for a while.

During the fight, you can clear out as many enemies as you can and damage Eramis, who will eventually escape and summon more Fallen.

4) Clear The Hangar

Eramis will have summoned more enemies to attack you while she retreats and you will need to clear them out as they continue pouring into the hangar.

5) Heavy Frame Support Available

As you are clearing up the remaining enemies, more will arrive but Rasputin will give you a heads up, informing you that Heavy Frame support is now available.

You will need to interact in the area you are standing in to summon Heavy Frame, which will assist you in fighting the enemies.

6) Clear The Hangar

Eramis will have summoned more enemies to attack you while she retreats and you will need to clear them out as they continue pouring into the hangar.

Continue clearing out as many enemies as you can and after dispatching them, you will be able to proceed inside the station.

7) Stop The Firing Sequence

After summoning the Heavy Frames and clearing the hangar, you will need to continue making your way into the station by following the waypoint.

Fight your way through the enemies blocking your path (you will be helped by the Heavy Frames) and continue making your way to one of the doors.

stand by for Abhorrent Imperative

8) Transmat Pad Active

The door will be inaccessible but there will be a nearby Transmat Pad that you can head over to (marked by a waypoint) which will allow you to proceed.

9) Fight to the Bridge

After using the Transmat Pad, you will need to fight your way through more enemies, which include Hive forces.

Heavy Frames will be present and will be fighting alongside you as you fight your way toward the bridge, where the final fight will take place.

10) Clear the Bridge

By this time, Eramis will have the Warsat firing systems at 75% and you will need to push further by defeating the enemies at the bridge.

Abhorrent Imperative loki crown status

11) Install Pillory Engram

Once enemies have been cleared out, a console will be marked by a waypoint and you will need to interact with it to install the Pillory Engram.

12) Rasputin Upload in Progress

After you have installed the Pillory Engram, an enemy called Ir Garza, Scourge of Earth will appear and begin attacking you.

You will need to fight this enemy until the upload progress has been completed, which puts you up against the boss, Fallen, and Hive enemies.

13) Break Ir Garza’s Shield

While fighting Ir Garza, a shield will protect her from taking damage to each part of her health that is depleted.

To make her vulnerable again, you will need to defeat a Shieldweaver Knight, which will be marked by a waypoint.

This step along with fighting Ir Garza will need to be repeated until you have completely diminished her health.

Defeating Ir Garza will complete the mission, which plays a cutscene that shows what happens after your fight.

Abhorrent Imperative Rewards

Competing in this mission will reward you with legendary gear as well as Exo Frame Reputation before the cutscene begins.

After completing Abhorrent Imperative, you will be able to progress with the Final Dawn quest.


Eramis had planned to destroy The Traveler with the Warsat stations, but it looks like Rasputing beat her before she could do this.

Although it seemed The Traveler was about to leave, it suddenly stopped only to reveal that a deadlier force was coming towards it.

It seems that while Eramis’ plans were stopped, a new enemy has begun heading towards The Traveler, which means the Vanguard will have more in store for them.

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