Hogwarts Legacy Weasley After Class Quest

Hogwarts Legacy Weasley After Class Quest

You previously were given a tour around the school by one of your professors and now that you have gotten to know the place more, it’s time for classes.

One of your classes is Weasley After Class, where you will be learning a new spell that will come in handy when facing enemies that are tougher to battle.

During this quest, you learn how to use the Accio spell, which is a big help later on when it comes to grabbing things that are out of your reach.

How To Get Weasley After Class Quest?

Weasley After Class quest becomes available after you have completed both the Charms Class and Defense Against The Dark Arts Class quests.

Once both of the quests have been completed, you will need to meet up with Professor Weasley as part of your first day in Hogwarts.

Weasley After Class Quest Walkthrough

To begin this quest, you will need to head over to the Transfiguration classroom, where Professor Weasley will be speaking with an elf named Deek.

1) Meet Professor Weasley in the Transfiguration Classroom

This quest is simply more cinematic with a bit of dialogue regarding your previous actions done within as well as outside of the school.

Professor Weasley attempts to ask more about your activity before you arrived at Hogwarts as well as spells you previously used.

She speaks about how you will be given additional assignments to help you catch up and has arranged to replace supplies that you lost during the attack on your way to Hogwarts.

2) Choose Classmate

Professor Weasley will mention that she doesn’t want you to go to Hogsmeade alone and allows you to choose between two people.

You will need to choose either Sebastian Sallow or Natsai Onai, who you have previously met in the Charms Class and Defense Against The Dark Arts Class quests.

After you have finished speaking with Professor Weasley, the dialogue will be over and the quest will be complete.

Weasley After Class Rewards

After completing the Weasley After Class quest, you will have chosen a character who will accompany you later on when you get your replacement items as well as a new wand.

These will of course come after another task that was presented to you by Weasley, which is to report to Professor Ronen for an assignment.


By the looks of things, you have certainly got the attention of people at the school and are progressing faster than the professors would have expected.

Professor Weasley is looking forward to getting you set up, which includes a replacement of your lost items and getting your very own wand.

Now that this quest is finished, you will soon be able to head over to Hogsmeade along with the classmate you have chosen.

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