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Herbology Class Main Quest Hogwarts Legacy

One of the classes that you will be taking later on in Hogwarts Legacy is Herbology Class, which is where you learn about the different plants and what they do.

The Herbology Class quest follows sometime after you have progressed in the game and will be a tutorial on how you can grow and use different plants.

This quest is one of your required classes to learn more about making ingredients that you will later need for making potions as well as other useful tools.

How To Get Herbology Class?

Once you have completed, Tomes and Tribulations quest, the Herbology Class quest will be available along with other multiple quests at the same time.

Herbology Class Quest WalkthroughPulling Mandrake out of its current pot

The quest starts as a minigame cutscene where the class is learning about Mandrakes, which requires you to replant one.

1) Pull Mandrake

Once you are prompted to do so, you will need to hold the correct key/button prompted to pull the Mandrake out of its current pot.

2) Repot Mandrake

The Mandrakes in the classroom will go crazy and start screeching, which requires you quickly repot them in a larger pot.

You will be prompted once again with a movement function and will need to follow it to place the Mandrake into the pot.

3) Talk to Professor Garlick

Professor Garlick will finish the class and afterward, you will need to approach and speak to her, which begins another cutscene.

She will talk to you about planting a Dittany and to her surprise, you will already have the seeds, which you obtained previously, and will tell you to plant them.

selecting the available seeds to begin planting

4) Plant the Dittany Seeds on the Potting Table

The Potting Table will be nearby and you will need to interact with it to open up to view the seeds that you have available.

Select the Dittany Seeds and plant them to finish the task, which will show you how long you need to wait for them to grow.

Professor Garlick will congratulate you on successfully planting them and will suggest that you learn about another plant.

5) Meet Leander Prewett

She mentions that you will learn about the Chinese Chomping Cabbage and instructs you to meet with Leander Prewett who will take you to them.

Leander Prewett will be nearby and you will need to go over and talk to him before he shows you the way to the greenhouse where they are kept.

6) Get to the Other Greenhouse

Leander Prewett will greet you and tell you to go on ahead and that he will follow you, which won’t be a problem since the greenhouse is marked by a waypoint.

Make your way to the greenhouse and you will see that there are a lot of different plants that have already grown, including some Chinese Chomping Cabbages.

7) Harvest Chinese Chomping Cabbage

You will need to take at least one Chinese Chomping Cabbage, but it would be best to take everything you can get in the area.

If you are having trouble spotting the other plants that you can grab, you can cast Revelio to highlight them, making them easier to spot.

Attack the target dummy with a Chomping Cabbage

8) Attack the Target Dummy with a Chomping Cabbage

Now that you have some Chinese Chomping Cabbages, head over to the dummy and equip them in your tool slot.

Once tossed, the Chomping Cabbage will continue to attack the training dummy until it is destroyed, which will start a cutscene.

During the cutscene, Leander tells you more about the Chinese Chomping Cabbage and shortly leaves afterward.

9) Return to Professor Garlick

After speaking with Leander, head back to Professor Garlick to speak with her, which starts a cutscene that later ends with the quest being completed.

Herbology Class Rewards

After the Herbology Class quest has been completed, you will obtain 260 XP and will now have access to planting seeds and growing plants.

You can return anytime to visit your potted plants and later on will be able to do even more after progressing in the game.

VerdictHerbology Class quest complete

The lessons with the Mandrake were quite intense, especially since yours was more mature than the other ones but you handled it like a pro.

It turns out you may have a green thumb and it looks like you will need to get used to growing plants often if you want a good supply of resources.

While planting may be something that seems simple, this can come in handy later on when you want to brew potions and grow certain plants to use later.

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